Tweet Up!

I had an exciting friday last week for meeting the finest twitterholic peeps in the country!

 Not to forget a pain in the A** adventure in calling a cab on a rainy friday night. At least someone agreed for my 600 offer to take me home from MOA to Mindanao Ave…  oh well, a very good lesson that reminded me to enroll myself in a driving school and stop relying on personal driver. 🙂

Moving on, I’d like you to meet my uber friends who tweets and tweets till they drop, oh well like me 🙂

My pretty friends: Zarah Hernaez and Sarita Carreon who graced Malaysian Billboards and Magazines!

Zarah and I met a few years ago as she also supports my boss during the campaign period, gawd I love this girl!, very down to earth!

Also, Sarita became a friend of mine in twitterverse for more than a year. She’s my first Virtual Santa last year and she gave me an headphones from Philips. (Oh it’s only a picture so as my Dorothy Perkins gift for Maria, a twitter friend too 🙂 ) Amazingly, I didn’t know at first that she is a Celebrity, she’s so air and very friendly.   She’s a proud Filipina who graced an 11-pages of Malaysian Magazine at Mybatik and a billboard at Malaysia to name a few. WOW!

Very fine ladies and a true friend. They are powerful in their respective fields yet we bonded like no titles holds us apart.

Not to forget the silly cab calling we had, Sarita is really crossing the street just to call one for me and Zarah’s Date named Mark a.k.a.  MDJSuperstar  must be in shock as he tried to call a cab but got rejected for one try 🙂 Nice gentleman huh? Now he got my vote to take my friend zarah to date hahaha! Joke.

The bottom line is, not everyday you’ll see people like them 🙂 cool!

Well, here’s more people who I met!

Twiiterholic peeps!

  I really had good time since I am a workaholic chic, simple joys in life 🙂 Also during the IMMAP summit, Search Profile Index has a booth during the event and also during the Tweet up, there’s a raffle which Sherwin Sowy won the prize from SPI given my Ms. Janette Toral (digitalfilipino) and oh boy, sana ako na lang ang nanalo hahah 🙂 congratulations Sherwin! from your jealous friend.

Sherwin Sowy receiving the prize from Ms. Janette Toral


That’s an overnight stay at T, worth 25k/day. Lucky Sherwin 🙂  Thanks to Sir Jo Mitra! Wishing I can grab a chance to chillax at T! 🙂 for sure there will be  a lot of picture-taking from all corners of T! sympre I’ll use my Japan Japan Style like this:

at Search Profile Index booth with Ms. Janette Toral

SPI: Search Profile Index is a service that allows you to know and manage exactly who you* are on the Internet. We are now accepting Search Profile Index subscribers and encourage you to avail of our introductory offer. So, what are you waiting for!!! visit: and subscribe a form To keep you posted on new research reports, e-books, online workshops, training developments, and industry events, you are highly encouraged to subscribe to our opt-in mailing list. You will receive a confirmation email afterwards to ensure that no one is subscribing you without your consent!

I am so happy for my first Tweet Up Experience.

Nice to meet you *finally in person* : Rob Angeles, Joey Alarilla, Erwin Lemuel Oliva, Shewin Sowy, Sarita Carreon, Mark (MDJsuperstar), Marlou Cabusas, Reggie Ramos, Kevin Yap Joco, Gilbert Sy Chan and a whole lot more 🙂

See you again on next tweet up!


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