Pink as you get!

It took me quiet some time before I appreciate pink shades of lipstick. I find it awkward and feels like a living Barbie doll added the pounds.

That’s why since college, I am using red shades of lip colour from glosses to lipstick and all sorts of lip products that will give a life in my face.

Recently, Pink shades is coming back again! I am so intrigued as I always see celebrities wearing one and models from billboards really sporting the pink colour like Sam Oh etc! I am amused.

Come Friday, I gave into the craze. Not too experimental but I looked for the right shade of pink for me.

I know that M.A.C. Twig compliments my skin but I still want to buy other shades to check upon!

TWIG (picture not mine)

Then will top itwith MAC glass= perfect.

I also like in2it Pink shades in satin and my favorite right now is from Maybelline…

Maybelline's Water Shine 3D Collagen 402 (picture not mine)

(The Landmark at Trinoma is currently on SALE! 20% off in beauty products. I only got the lipstick in in2it for Php 230.++ and Maybelline water shine 3D collagen 402 for only Php 299.00 ๐Ÿ™‚ )

I only use it with minimal make-up on and ta-dah it looks so pretty! If you find your pink shade… goodness you’ll swear on it!

I also noticed it gives more livelier and younger look! swiping ages to your face just like that which I recently appreciate when I tried it.

How I wish, I am attracted to pink shades way back in college and discover the beauty of it.

Oh well! enjoy and happy finding your perfect pink shade for your lusty lips ๐Ÿ™‚


too lazy to take foto right now ๐Ÿ˜›


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