Saving the Love of my Life from DENGUE

November is coming, and that is our wedding month. I was suppose to have gown fittings last week unfortunately something happened that changed my life- forever.


Last Friday, I received an sms late afternoon from my fiance. He said he has a fever and severe headache. I thought it’s just a simple one and told him to drink plenty of water and take biogesic. I must admit I am not paranoid that it might be a dengue case since I know how clean freak he is and all.

After work, I went to see him and he was so red and hot! in our 12 years of being together this was the first time he was sick big time!  I gave him a cold compress and medicines, but no matter what I do his fever gone crazy  (38-39*). I rushed him at the hospital where his family Doctor is. National Kidney Transplant Institute E.R. Sucks big time but I have no choice. I want to tell it detail by detail but Gawd! ISO certfied pa man din 😦

Anyway, when I panicked i don’t mind at all how much it will take in able to check if he has a dengue or what… after 4 hours of waiting, the Doctor said… it’s negative. I thought they did the dengue test. My total bill at NKTI E.R. for tests (CBC, Urine and Xray) was 3k plus.

The Doctor order us to go home since it’s not dengue based on his observation. After few hours around 10 a.m. NKTI called and said we can already do the Dengue test that I already paid for 1 thousand plus. I was like “WTF?!” all along I thought we already did. I even asked the nurses and all of ’em said yes! I was so angry from their mistake! The reason why I rushed him at the hospital was due to my suspicion that it might be dengue.

It was Saturday morning when they called. I was furious then we went back at the E.R. around 2 a.m. when my fiance told me he couldn’t handle it anymore. So, we went back  again because we need a direct order from the Doctor to admit us and his uncle is one of the Director of NKTI. Again it took us 2-3 hours before they admitted us and the nurses even tried to wake the Doctor who is in duty that time for 3 fucking times. It’s horrible experience at NKTI.

After several tests, he was positive from Dengue. To cut the story short, He suffered severely from that  crazy mosquito. That time, no matter how rich you are if there is no available blood for the patient it’s time to say buh-bye.

His blood type is A+ and mine is AB+. The component needed was platelet concentrate and God knows what I’ve been through to get it all. I called every red cross branch here in Manila and Q.C. and they told me there was no available same as the private hospitals and blood banks. It was crazy. So, I already called our office at the Senate and asked for help. Sen Villar gave me a total of 12 bags of platelet concentrate c/o of Commissioner Dino Badilla, Atty. Gem, Atty. Rio and the entire staff of Senator Manuel “Manny” Villar. The office of Senator Honasan c/o Sir Jonathan of Rotary Club and Ms. Peachie Urquiola gave 8 bags of platelet concentrate. I met Ms. Peachie through a good friend named Jojo terencio, an executive at Philip Morris International. We’ve been good friends since 2007 and he is my fairy godmother 🙂 moving on, The son of former Sen. Mitra named Jo Mitra also helped me to find blood donors and Ms. Janette Toral who endlessly helped me by posting ads for blood donors and prayers. We’ve been together in several events professionally but I must say she helped like I am her sister. her facebook, twitter. plurk and all social network shout outs helped me to find blood donors.

I have a lot of friends in Twitter, Livejournal and Facebook and thank god they helped me to find blood donors too 🙂

The Dean of San Sebastian, Atty. Willard Riano who is Ronald’s uncle also helped us to find blood donors from his Law Students. So, thank you San Sebastian and San Beda Students!

There are a lot of people I want to thank so in general thank you! my dear friends, family and office mates!

The total of Platelet Concentrate that I got is 20 and 10 blood donors. so all in all 30. That critical and will never forget the 12 insane hours to save the life of my fiance. His throat was bleeding like crazy so as his blood clotting on his nose. I thought I am just counting hours to see him alive. Thank God I found the needed platelet concentrate for blood transfusion. It was so hard.

I am also thankful I have a supportive family.

Ronald’s family is so nice too, his father always brought me yummy foods so as his mom. I am fortunate to have them in my life.

There are lot of realizations from what had happened to my fiance.. one of ’em is my relationship with God. It’s been a while since I practiced my Christianity. I was unfair with him due to my grand father’s death. I know it’s wrong to blame him, but I already asked for forgiveness and prayed to help me, help my self to return to his loving arms. I was a devoted catholic way back 2005 and when my grand father died, I turned my back because of my stupid thoughts and blaming game.

Now, I know there is nothing powerful than a true love and faith in God.

We’ve been together for 12 years and I love him all my life… I can’t wait ’till our wedding day. I am excited for our big day!


3 thoughts on “Saving the Love of my Life from DENGUE

  1. It is good that you’ve realized what you’ve been missing… realizing God’s love and mercy is the only thing we need in life! Once you know HOW MUCH GOD LOVES YOU — nothing can tear you apart!

    This experience is just one of the MANY struggles you will face as a “couple — couple” — I mean, hindi pa nga nagno November, meron nang isang malaking hagupit —but take a look at where it lead you? Your love for Ronald is AMAZING! You guys are very blessed with loving people around you….

    I am glad your faith has been revived!

  2. Hi janis 🙂
    yes, very true about my faith in God. I know I am very unfair but now with arms wide open I am returning to His loving arms 🙂 and I feel so great sis!

    Thanks for giving time to read my blog sis mua!

  3. Faith, Hope and Love.
    and now even stronger.

    I am glad you and Ronald made it through.. I mean its a big challenge for you as a couple and I salute you for being strong for each other.

    As November comes near, I wish you both well and God bless..

    I’ll see you soon ha, lets chika about your wedding 🙂 Yey!

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