Day 1: Mrs. M and her Li’l Blings

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted something here 🙂 Sorry, I’ve been so busy!

So am a day old as Mrs. Morabe (Mrs. M) 🙂

Let’s talk about my big day! Actually there a re lot of things I want to tell about my wedding… it will be endless fo sho!

So, pardon me for the coming days or months if I’ll write here all about my wedding day! I am super lucky bride 🙂 My BF was the one whose hands on in our wedding!

My pretty nails, designed by yours truly!

My pretty pink tulip! BF really did a good job 🙂

My Sprakling wedding Shoes 🙂

My winter-inspired cake

My Diamond earrings, super pretty! I fell in love 🙂

Our Wedding Invitation

My pretty bridal gown full of Swarovski Crysta, see I love sparkling stuff!

That’s all for now, Lotsa details but I guess all posted above are my favorites! Plus the Hayden Perfume here:

with personal message from Dr. Hayden know and was deliver to me by his staff personally 🙂


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