Where the magic happens!

So, I lost my first ever make-up metal case due to non-stop flights last May 2010.

Sniff* but I let go anyway after a month-long-agonizing days… not because of the case, but because of what’s inside! LOL

Anyhoo, I bought new 2-layer tray make-up case from Suesh.

lovely toy!

I’ll just store my current faves here together with my finest brushes from MAC and ECO tools since everything is in a plastic drawer, dramatically living in the dark 😀

and oh, for an OC and super protective that I am when it comes to my toys 🙂 I bought:

Transparency OHP Film

even my make-up drawer has it, ayoko kasi madumihan yung drawer or anything kung saan nakalagay make-up ko except for make-up bags… minsan kasi pasaway din ang ibang lalagyan ng make-up, ayoko ng may mga stains! sympre minsan kamalasan, nababasag pa yung make-up kaya puro dumi na 😦 ph well part yun ng adventure!

Sayang naman din kasi yung lalagyan diba? so mas maganda na kung maingat!

OH well, I love it. Can’t wait for my next pay check and will hoard a lot of things… dami pa sa listahan ko bago mag 2011 😀

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