Kris Bacani

Bridesmaid 🙂

As a self-confessed make-up addict (MUA) with passion, I am fortunate that Kris Bacani is also selling some make-up products that she’s using in her clients.

Kris Bacani doing air brush thingy* 🙂

I am very impressed with this young talented make-up artist with an impressive resume who also do the make-up of A-list celebrities in the country. I tell ya’ to experience the magic in her hands, avail her service! I’ve been so in love with her since my wedding day and she will do my make-up for the rest of my life 🙂

It's not cakey, oily or something! very natural and it stays longer 🙂

She also do my bestfriend’s make-up 🙂

My lovely bestfriend Mylene Sarah

with my dearest bestfriend 🙂

Aside from her talent, I like her attitude. She’s not a snob make-up artist that will make you feel awkward of not able to afford someone like her. I have seen a lot of arrogant make-up artist and they make me cringe hardcore. Kris will mkae you feel comfortable and home. She do her craft passionately and not just for the money 🙂 that’s why me and my bestfriend loves her!

oh and by the way, what’s great about her make-up… it last longer! I had a coverage later that night and I really got great compliments 🙂 winner talaga!

Covering an event at Fortune Tobacco Corporation. (in this pic- Lily and Cha of EHS department)

it's almost midnight and my make-up still rockin' 🙂


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