Just because…

oh gawd! don't you love just because gifts 🙂

Orgasmic pink! I love pink 🙂 I just don't admit it in person LOL

Oh dear much bigger than my first suesh make-up case! Now can't wait to put new babies inside 🙂

I am the luckiest girl! I love what my husband gave to me today “just because” 🙂 awww… He knows how much I love beauty stuff and how crazy I am with it. I don’t know but I feel happy whenever I have new make-up tools, make-up and lingerie! it’s heaven 🙂

He already gave me a pink canon 1000 HS this Christmas and hoarded stuff from La Senza shop, but this one! this pink make-up case!!! goodness 🙂 Can’t wait to fill it with new make-up tools that I want from MAC, Chanel, MUD and Shu to name a few of my favorite make-up brands… which will take me a half year or even more than a year to complete it due to its pricey deal! If only money grows anywhere haha! I’ll buy it all 🙂

I have no plans to be a make-up artist, once again I am just a MUA- Make-up Addict 🙂 I have passion with this thingy! Oh dear, I am so in love.

I swear I am such a beauty junkie! like a romantic adrenaline junkie you’ll ever meet ❤

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