Complexion Brush

Complexion Brush from Earth Therapeutics

Recommended by Aestheticians

Do I have to admit that I am a beauty junk? Anyway, as I wait for my husband at Trinoma mall, can’t help but go to my most 1st favorite place in the area… the Beauty Bar. It’s like a candy store to me. I just needed to buy something whenever I pass by. Fortunately my previous facial brush has to retire, thank you my good ol’ friend… you served me well.

Moving on, when I saw and felt the soft bristles that earth therapeutics brush has… I grabbed it and ka-ching!!! πŸ™‚ just for P325.00.

I am a believer of facial brush as it really washes away my make-up dirt aside from the make-up cleanser I’m using. I know it’s not healthy to use facial brush like everyday! but what can I do, I love the result. kanya-kanyang hiyangan lang yan hehe LOL. Ang importante matangal yung make-up ko sa mukha since I’m using face powder 6 days in a week. I just can’t go outside the world without wearing face powder and lip gloss.. let’s add corrector and sometimes mascara for flirty eyes πŸ™‚

As a make-up lover, I also take care of my skin even it’s too bratty! and I make sure it’s super clean before I go to sleep…. hokay not super but at least no make-up traces at all πŸ™‚

To wrap things up, as I read the instruction behind the box… it says: Use morning and night to reveal a softer; healthier and HAPPIER complexion.

I don’t know but that line made me laugh big time. Naisip ko tuloy, may sad complexion ba?! I don’t know but it’s catchy! LOL πŸ™‚

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