How to deal with

Life is Beautiful

Never in my life I took for granted my time. I always value it, I always celebrate it as far as I remember. In fact even my gender as a female, I super love it.

So now, the thing is… two weeks ago, I thought I was having a stiff neck. I even told my officemate that it was irritating and she told me to have it massage and ty to relax and have some rest. I did what she said, but few days later… given our weather is uber-cold right now, having colds is something petty to me! So, aching neck, ears and endless runny nose (boo hoo)… blah blah

Then one morning, I woke up having a crazy pain on the right side of my ears. I thought all I need is to have a ear candling whihc I usually do twice a year in trusted spa. Nothing happened, the pain was still there so my husband rushed me to E.R last Sunday at MCU. The ENT Doctor told that there was an infection inside my ears, both due to colds. So blah-blah, come Wednesday, I can’t stand it anymore. I asked permission to my boss to go home early and see a neuro-doctor and ENT specialist.

We went to Capitol Medical and the Doctor said, there’s nothing wrong in my ears and nose… She said I have neauralgia based to physical test she did. I was not so ready to take it, and asked her if she is sooo sure. She looked at me and said, it is but no need to worry because it can be cure through oral medicine. I also went for another specialist to have a second opinion and based on physical examination, it was still Neuralgia. The pain was so crazy, the inflammation and all… All I ever wanted to do is sleep on it. My husband was so supportive. He always massage my head and entire body for almost a week now.

Even my nerves inside my mouth is affected, that’s why I am now wearing plastic support ( I don’t now what’s that πŸ™‚ in the entire upper set of my teeth since I am experiencing sorta-lockjaw, this will be good for a month. The doctor also told me to change my lifestyle, more exercise and stop eating fry foods and fatty since it might trigger neuralgia. It’s a sickness that comes and goes worst than migraine and vertigo. My eyesight suddenly changed too, now I am wearing eye glasses with grade, something like that. Gah 😦 I want to get well so I am obeying everything… I am not done yet with my adventures in life and in fact I am enjoying everything.

When I was diagnosed with Neauralgia, I did not stop working even I feel so bad. I moved on with my normal happy life since the my Doctor did not say I need a bed rest πŸ™‚

I love my nine to five, I may be a workaholic lady, well, this is my life and I pretty much “got it”. I’ve always been a sucker for busy life. I beam in satisfaction with ticked-off list of to-dos. I am lucky to have great mentors whenit comes to career and again I am so inpired with my fairy god mudra (Jojo) andhis friend Ms. Peachie. However, behind tough-girl workaholics like myself, there still exists a princess not wanting to work as hard as Cinderella but I guess that will be the day when I am already a mother. ANYWAY, back to topic.

So, how did I stay strong for this illness that has cure? I did it with “Sofie’s way” LOL πŸ™‚

I shop, each day. (Do this if you have your own money to burn, don’t disturb your hubs. It’s a no-no)

Coach Bag πŸ™‚

I love COACH! in fact I have a thing with saignature bags, I splurge on it and feels so good because it came from my hard earned moolah πŸ™‚

Looks fun for a Coach bag πŸ™‚

I bought this lovely brand new Coach bag to my officemate who is a Manager that also loves bags. She’s been travelling around the world and gawd her stuff is sooo good, so orgasmic! LOL
I just don’t trust the goodies that is sold in Greenhills even they say it’s authentic one. I’d rather buy from someone that I really know that won’t trick me. Bakit ba kasi wala pang Coach store sa aten? πŸ™‚

Also I bought this cute pink wallet from…

Kate Spade

I bought all of this in a week just to avoid feeling sad with disturbing pain caused by Neuralgia.

In some days, of course I can’t shop super nice things everyday… so I just buy this

Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-Ageing Cream

I needed a good moisturizer under my eyes so that my corrector will not go cakey, and it helps =) I blend it with my Belo sunscreen before applying Revlon ColorStay base make-up then corrector. I love the feel that I am sorta doing an art on my face instead on a canvass! haha, you gotta love make-up brushes.

I also bought E.L.F Eye Primer & Liner Sealer

E.L.F Studio Eye Primer & Liner Sealer in Natural/ Clear

Naubusan ako ng primer from Urban Decay and I don’t know where I can buy it here since I only ask friends to buy it fro me abroad. I hope this thing helps since my favorite make-up guru from youtube (xteener) use this thing πŸ™‚

Lastly, yesterday I bought my beauty bible!

I love reading magazines! included in my montly staple πŸ™‚

I love buying present issue and back as well πŸ™‚ it makes me feel girly-girl. Pictures pa lang panalo na…

So, there you go… that’s how I deal with things when I feel sad. simple things in life πŸ™‚

But, talking to my bes (sarah alconcel), sister michelle and hubs helped me to stay more stronger. My bes, never fail to cheer me uo even its on twitter or wherever. All of ’em makes me feel loved so as well my twitter clan πŸ™‚ #mgateh

I also have my quiet times, where I talked to God… everyday, every night.

Before I forgot, my Director in office, Ms. Bayen Elero also sent an e-mail in our team that really inspired me. It was a speech and I will post it here some other time. It was good timing tho’ because that day i feel so down and as human beings we are allowed to feel that in some unforgiving times.


Ums and you know?

Monthly dose of Belo facial treatment

Ums and you know? are my favorite words if I can’t completely express my self or I forgot something… but “you know” is becoming a bad habit when I talk, it’s pretty annoying! you know? LOL πŸ™‚

Anyway, this entry might bore you hee hee…

When a large zit appeared on my nose, day before my wedding day… I cried the entire day because no derm clinic would accept me and the last one that I made kulit was “Belo Clinic”. That day, I am totally crazy, I told the Doctor and even the receptionist I am willing to pay and I dont care how expensive it will be! I am desperate to make that zit zap! But its risky, I said there’s no more riskier-er than having that large red zit yucky one stay on my face and be the star on my big day!

So, what happened!? to cut it short, they just pricked it! injected a-medicine-that-I-don’t-know then I had an ice mask. Total Cost- Doctor’s fee: 0 Service: 500.00 only. Thank’s to Dr. Angela Maria L. Dulalia, my first doctor in Belo Medical Group. She told me, gift niya na raw sa akin yun πŸ™‚ yay! But am really thankful for the one who do my facial, her name is SHIN.

SHIN is a registered nurse, (I know right? πŸ™‚ dope!) she has the hands of an angel haha! I never seen my face so nice after facial treatment, Gawd don’t ask me how many derm or facial clinic whatever you call it- that I already tried! for so many years I searched high and low and I hope Belo is the one!

Moving on, I am loving the result πŸ™‚ my oilyness become lesser haha! So anyway the thing is my favorite Dr. Dulalia has already transferred to Belo Clinic in Tomas Morato boo hoo, the tamad that I am when it comes to visiting vanity clinic… it will just not work for me. I had no choice but to consult a new doctor that will continue monitoring my facial churva.

Her name is Dr. April R. Geraldez, I like her too. She’s not a snob and really gives attention to her patients. As per usual, she’s pretty too. Anyway, I love Belo staff… all of ’em are nice

Oh well, ang mahirap lang sa favorite nurse ko… lagi siyang fully booked. Would you believed I booked my December treatments noong November pa πŸ™‚ grabe, magaling naman kasi si Shin. Today, I had my basic glyco facial and powerpeel. I love it! super smooth ng skin ko after the powerpeel, but I’ll just have powerpeel once a month lang. Too mahal! haha yung facial cleaning, okay lang kasi I really need it. Yung powerpeel pwede naman raw once a month.

I already booked the facial tratments that I need, so kita niyo naman ang appointment card ko… ganyan ka busy si Shin hehehe πŸ™‚ and the doctor said, hindi na raw every week ang cleaning ko… (thank God!) twice a month na lang raw! yey πŸ™‚ I just need to save big time for my february treatment, kinday pricey but I believe it will also compliment my skin.

One of my promise to my self this 2011 is to take care of my skin na talaga, naku… napagkiiwanan na ako ng husband ko noh πŸ™‚ alaga siya ng dermstrata… sayang kasi di ako hiyang doon haha. Anyway, I am investing in a right way, mukha ko yata toh noh LOL have a nice week ahead.

side note: There’s always a way to be your best. Beauty should begin in the heart and soul otherwise cosmetics are useless πŸ™‚

Lady in Corporate World

I breathe and sleep my job

You might wonder what I do in life, well… aside frome being perky when it comes to beauty stuff, I value my work so much. I can say I am workaholic, I just don’t take advantage every opportunity that comes in my way. I have met a lot of politicians two years ago when I am still working at the Senate of the Philippines under the office of Senator Villar. It was my first work right after college! I remember back then how star struck I am upn seeing them everyday of my life and still in awe, can’t believe my self that I am actually talking with these smart people. It might be hardcore politics or random thing in life but still they amazed me much.

It was different case when I met Manny Pacquiao, that… I am super fan mode haha. I don’t know how excellent he is when it comes to politics, heck I have faith with the guy.

I just want to watch him live playing boxing πŸ™‚

Oh well, that’s the fan mode event in my life while working in political world. I have lots of pictures, amazing moments with the politicians but few of them left a mark πŸ™‚ “Sipag at Tiyaga” really made an impact to my life… tha is so true.

with my former Boss, Senator Manny Villar

I really learned a lot from the office s Senator Manny Villar and my mentors are: Judith Sto.Domingo, Ditas Magno, Jing Serrano (CEO & President of Vistaland) and Brian Edang.

I talked to them from time to time when it comes to my progress at the office. I am so hungry in learning and want to contribute 101% for the success of everything.

I’m thankful to be part of Villar’s campaign and proud to serve his office. Until much bigger opportunity came into my life and I am happy they respected by decision πŸ™‚ In fact I still have communication with my former officemates πŸ™‚

Moving on, political and corparate world is sooo different and I am much enjoying the challenge in corporate world!

I am just so happy to have a career that i love to make this entry short because this is now turning into novel πŸ™‚

To wrap it up, Just be persistent and do your best because you can be replaced just like that. Hard work, late nights just keep things fresh and try to focus on the work at hand.

with one of Boss at PMI (Philip Morris International) Jojo Terencio

I genuinely am intrested in working and its not because of financial rewards I ill get, it’s the fact that i am learning and I am doing something I really love… writing and the world of PR.

And I am lucky to have great 2 mentors in life, they’re the best of friends and I call them my fairy God mother πŸ™‚

note: sorry for my entry, it’s so random… ag dami kong gusto kassing i-kwento πŸ™‚