Lady in Corporate World

I breathe and sleep my job

You might wonder what I do in life, well… aside frome being perky when it comes to beauty stuff, I value my work so much. I can say I am workaholic, I just don’t take advantage every opportunity that comes in my way. I have met a lot of politicians two years ago when I am still working at the Senate of the Philippines under the office of Senator Villar. It was my first work right after college! I remember back then how star struck I am upn seeing them everyday of my life and still in awe, can’t believe my self that I am actually talking with these smart people. It might be hardcore politics or random thing in life but still they amazed me much.

It was different case when I met Manny Pacquiao, that… I am super fan mode haha. I don’t know how excellent he is when it comes to politics, heck I have faith with the guy.

I just want to watch him live playing boxing 🙂

Oh well, that’s the fan mode event in my life while working in political world. I have lots of pictures, amazing moments with the politicians but few of them left a mark 🙂 “Sipag at Tiyaga” really made an impact to my life… tha is so true.

with my former Boss, Senator Manny Villar

I really learned a lot from the office s Senator Manny Villar and my mentors are: Judith Sto.Domingo, Ditas Magno, Jing Serrano (CEO & President of Vistaland) and Brian Edang.

I talked to them from time to time when it comes to my progress at the office. I am so hungry in learning and want to contribute 101% for the success of everything.

I’m thankful to be part of Villar’s campaign and proud to serve his office. Until much bigger opportunity came into my life and I am happy they respected by decision 🙂 In fact I still have communication with my former officemates 🙂

Moving on, political and corparate world is sooo different and I am much enjoying the challenge in corporate world!

I am just so happy to have a career that i love to make this entry short because this is now turning into novel 🙂

To wrap it up, Just be persistent and do your best because you can be replaced just like that. Hard work, late nights just keep things fresh and try to focus on the work at hand.

with one of Boss at PMI (Philip Morris International) Jojo Terencio

I genuinely am intrested in working and its not because of financial rewards I ill get, it’s the fact that i am learning and I am doing something I really love… writing and the world of PR.

And I am lucky to have great 2 mentors in life, they’re the best of friends and I call them my fairy God mother 🙂

note: sorry for my entry, it’s so random… ag dami kong gusto kassing i-kwento 🙂


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