Let me cater to you: Louis Vuitton

first LV from my hard earned money šŸ™‚

I told my self when I reached 25 years of my age, I will buy Louis Vuitton from my hard earned money. But since I got married last year, I have to prioritize much more important things like other details to add-on my wedding.

My bestfriend (Mylene) and I even talked about buying LV’s as part of our 25th celebration in life šŸ™‚ Oh well, she bought one first! hee hee.

So, come 2011… I started to save money and after two (2) months, I already purchased my first desired Louis!


with my bestfriend šŸ™‚ Mylene Sarah

First, I bbm my bes and asked her what’s her schedule šŸ™‚ when she said “I’m not too busy” ! I asked her out in a jiffy. She can’t even say no, nor she has a choice with my demand ha ha!
I am truly a spoiled bestfriend and thankful for that. I miss her truly…

Anyway, moving on…

Since Neverfull has no zipper, a nice scarf (idk) what is it called... will help to secure it šŸ™‚

Enjoying ice tea served in LV store while waiting for my bag for Hot stamping!

Shortest nickname I have! SOF šŸ™‚ *hot stamping in medium size*

signing the contact details!

Lovely receipt from LV that almost made me faint but with no regrets!

and there goes my savings for 2 1/2 months savings for this bag! šŸ™‚

Neverfull MM Damier

I really enjoy the day spent with my bestfriend… it was indeed a memorable experience buying my first Louis Vuitton bag. I was totally in a shopping ban since January 2011 just to buy this baby šŸ™‚ I am happy I made it. Again, I am so proud of my self.

Paid in cash! nax.


5 thoughts on “Let me cater to you: Louis Vuitton

  1. Hi Sophie how are you? Wow love your purchase! I also started to save for myself this year but it’s all in the bank lol I guess I have to work more to save more and buy myself my own LV BAG! šŸ™‚ Again love your bag šŸ™‚

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