Colour of my hair

As they say: Crowning Glory

Three Shades

I am not really into styling my hair… I usually go for the wash and wear type. I am not even have the patience to iron it and even blow dry with volumes and sorts of fabulous styling. Not because I am way too lazy but when I try to style my hair… it goes back to plain long straight and as if nothing happened whew 🙂 So, anyway… last 2-3 weeks ago I decided to have it dyed!

The last time, I had highlights when I was in highschool. I am even a victim of agua ocanada (yung panlinis ng sugat) it was kinda popular with kids who doesn’t have enough money to buy hair colour and sun silk shampoo that will add color to your hair after prolonged use. So, as I walk in Ayala MRT Station… I saw DAVID’S Salon is having a sale.

I went inside without thinking twice and said I want a chestnut brown permanent color 🙂

After a week, on my way to Belo Greenbelt, I saw Henry Calayag’s Salon. After my treatment at Belo, I went straight to Henry Calayag and asked to put 2 shades of Highlights to my kinda reddish hair.

I have no idea what it will look like but after all the adevntures I’ve been through… I love the result.

It is still wash and wear… then just little lip colour and cheek tint 🙂 I look not so life-less at all.


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