If I'm not mistaken, Benetint is the most expensive cheek colour in Benefit.

My Benetint was given to by my bestfriend Mylene Sarah, unfortunately it won’t stick to my skin yay! So, what I do is put a little and dab with powder blush πŸ™‚ it has more charming effect more than you can imagine. But what captivate my heart most are the powder blush from benefit πŸ™‚ It makes me look pretty and polished without looking trying hard. I must admit, I searched high and low just to find a perfect match for me. It’s hard when you have an oily skin and acidic. Too bad few liquid-based make-up won’t stay that long on my skin. So I depend more on “powder” based make-up.

Benefit's Cheek Colour!

On powder blush, I have Bella Bamba and Coralista.

Here’s Bella Bamba:

The triple dimension of pink… brightening, sculpting and defining. I swear I fell in love with Bella Bamba and it really compliments my skin! very natural πŸ™‚

Subtle Blush

Stand out!

My bella Bamba was given to me by my dear friend from Singapore, none other than Leona Jane πŸ™‚

Then , my officemate named yong went to SG last 2 weeks ago and asked a favor to buy me another Benefit Blush. It was kinda expensive! so am thankful to my dear girlfriends who bought me benetint and bella bamba without a charge haha!

It has a peachy glow but not as much as I like the glow I have using bella bamba! Since SG is soo far away from here and no Sephora or Benefit shop in our country, I will use coralista for daily basis at the office and will save Bella Bamba for special occasions. πŸ™‚

I highly recommend Bella Bamba! I love it! did I already said that?! LOL i love it.


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