Ayala Triangle Courtyard

Ayala Triangle Courtyard

In corporate world, stress is part of it. I guess whatever you do… stress is always present whether good or bad. In my case, when bad stress is attacking like my head is going to explode anytime… I go outside the office during lunch. It really helps to see different environment aside from the four corners of the office.

I am just lucky that my office (The Enterprise Centre *TEC*) is in the heart of Makati, which is near at: Greenbelt, Landmark, Glorietta and Ayala park triangle.

I know it’s not healthy to hit fastfood and all sorts, but the relaxation I get from lunch-out is priceless.

Okay, nuff said fotos!

Her name is Eurose Onas, Yong for short 🙂

I simply love having her around. Yong is an optimist, her stories always inspires me as well as the same interests we share such as travel, beauty products and being a wife. It’s true what they say that surrounding yourself with positive people will definitely lift a happy spirit in a moment.

Enjoying few days left in my stay at Makati grounds 🙂

Today, we decided to have lunch at Ayala triangle in Bonchong. The chicken is yummy 🙂 Different naman.

Bonchon is not as pricey as you think 🙂

it's the letter B: 2 pcs Chicken with Soda for only Php 145.00 plus the ambiance LOL

The Ayala Triangle Park

I always love the kind. It is soothing and pleasant to the eyes, if only we can have parks in every corner of the city, malamang naging tambay na ako ng park 🙂 LOL

After the main meal we decided to have dessert! Yay!

The table is cute tho'

The classic Banoffee pie

I love the people around, all those power dressing which I am guilty of and their aura. They look somewhat happy and busy at the same time. Duh, welcome to corporate city. I always opt for things that can make me happy and inspired. With little things like having lunch-out can boost my sleepy blood in a nutshell.

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