Nail Art

I went to MAC temporary store last week at Trinoma to buy a brow set. I was assisted by MAC’s make-up artist named Ish as mentioned in my blog earlier.

I can’t help but notice her nails. I asked where did she had it digitally printed… she answered: Sticker lang po yan ma;ám nabibili sa Divisoria.

Wow! I was giddy for a moment, since then I can’t stop thinking about going to Divisoria just to have that nail stickers. Since animal print is still hot I might as well join the club, not only to be fashion forward but it also compliments my skin.

My first sticker nail art 🙂 in exotic animal print

It is so easy to use. I bought the water pump designed for nail art materials but you can simply dip it in a bowl of water, I am just maarte. I did this while watching burlesque movie (Cher & Christina Aguilera) So, I am very perky during the time. For almost an hour, I already did my nails and boy I am so proud! I guess more to come this summer 🙂

Nail Materials that you'll need 🙂 *Base Sheer Nail Polish, Water Pump, Nail Art Sticker and Nail File*

You’ll be needing the nail file to cut the excess sticker from the tip of your nails. Once after you put the nail sticker on, just top it with base sheer let it dry and off you go 🙂

If I am not mistaken Digital Nail Art cost around Php 300.00 depending on nail salon rate. I bought Nail Sticker for Php 40.00 only. Oh well, it’s cheaper when you do it manually. So far, I am happy with the result… no need to have the Digital Nail Art 🙂

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