MAC Wonder Woman Collection

meow 🙂

As I continue my adventure in finding the right make-up for me, MAC is one of my favorite brand. I have no loyalty when it comes to make-up brand yet anything that works for meis ze best 🙂 Not to forget the classy packaging of MAC cosmetics, I just love it. But I must admit, I am collectiing MAC brushes, so far so good 🙂 as I always said, there is something about beauty producst in me. (HEAVEN!)

Anyway, let me share you my purchase today:

MAC WW in Russian Red

Wonder Woman Launching in Trinoma, March 20, 2011

I am 30 minutes late and yes "Marquise d' lipstick" was sold out!!!

Even my second choice Spitfire was sold out just like that. I was suppose to attend yesterday at Greenbelt but I have date with girlfriends… MAC WW has launching in Shangrila and Rockwell. I didn’t ask for the date because I’ll just get frustrated once I don’t get the famous: Marquise d. Anyway, I just want the color because like MAC’s Lady Gaga edition, it is sooo bagay in any outfit 🙂 I even got my Lady Gaga from my bestfriend that was bought in the states pa. So, anyway I don’t want to go empty handed, so I just bought the Russian Red, although it is included in the classic… the casing or whatever you call it, will have to do 🙂

Ish, the make-up artist in MAC is my favorite at Trinoma Temporary store 🙂

Ish Sison, MAC Make-up Artist is truly nice. She is so accomodating, I experienced some snob make-up artist in few MAC store and it is so irritating. Anyway, Ish is the best! She will help you to find the best make-up that compliments in your skin so whatever she recommends I buy it 🙂 effective naman kase! he he

Moving on, MAC Launching in Trinoma has:

place for Photo op

Cool DJ (damn I love the song! I can dance like now na!)

It is so cool even I didn’t get what I want! Well, at least I bumped into my friend’s sister!

with Genevieve Tong, my friend's Jackie Tong- Go sister 🙂

Ate Gen, is uber nice and pretty. I even had to ask who is her Skin Doctor since mine is Belo. Gawd, I am amazed whe she answered it 🙂

Hokay, that’s all folks! I am happy for today’s purchase.


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