Ego-free zone

I always opt for things that makes me H-A-P-P-Y

Today, I am officially what they call a “Bummer” (oh well, I accepted a project based kinda job) and not just to lift my spirit… I totally need a break. As a go getter, right after graduation… I searched high and low for a career that I really want. I did not accept job, just to say I am employed. I have a goal, to be part of Communication Arts Industry and after 6 months of non-stop job hunting, I finally scored one at the Senate of the Philippines under the office of Senator Villar. After almost 2 years, I decided to join Corporate world with the help of my great mentor Jojo Terencio. I became a PR Executive in age 26. I published few articles from the internal magazine of Philip Morris International.

PR Executive

There’s a “high” feeling when I see my name being published in broadsheets and magazines. A certain reward from making a piece when all you have is the info’s from 4 w’s and H. As I writer, I believe it is all what you need and the experiece from the event it self so you can easily picture what to write in your article. As a writer, we have different styles so you can’t please everyone, also you have to be ready on critics! damn it. Well, I still have the ups and downs when it comes to that. It’s bodyshaking πŸ™‚ I experienced all sorts when I transferred to corporate world and made me stronger and pushed me to improved my corporate writing style.

Moving on, I am grateful to have met different individuals both political and corporate field. I really learned a lot from them and most were not metioned during school days. All I can say you have to be strong, crab mentality and office politics will be your number one enemy, if not yourself. As my experienced, I became weak in that area… maybe because I am ideealistic and naive that no such creature will exist knowing their all grown ups and as they mas malawak ang pang-unawa. However, I am wrong. Here’s my favorite quote:

“Never mind being bullied. Forgive the bully, but just don’t forget who bullied you. One day they too will face their mortality.”

Just a short history, I am always a victim of those Bully peeps. Since gradeschool! unbelievable! Although I have the right to defend my self but sometimes, I have no urge to face them as I think of why should I explain to that person or even should explain my self to anyone. I don’t like sinking into their level, those detractors are pain the ass. But don’t get me wrong, I cried my self to sleep. Sometimes, I don’t know what to do anymore, I tried to be friends with them- but I guess… Wala na sa akin ang problema. When someone doesn’t appreciate me- I move on. It’s a waste of time and energy.

OH well, I am writing in no direction again πŸ™‚ Back from the break, it is a good thing I did it. When I got married in November 19, 2010, I did not stop from working, no honey moon or cheezy lazy days of unpacking gifts. I felt guilty on that, even so- my hubs was the one who handled everything during the preparation time for our big day. Yep, I was busy it was the days when I am moving to a new office. Things are totally whoa, my wedding, my mom’s death and etc. Great I am still alive and even manage to smile!

To wrap things up, I will enjoy my vacation as a wife and don’t worry I don’t have a plan to be a master chef until I die πŸ™‚ Now, my priority is to get sexy back, flirt with him and watch all the dibidi’s that I am long over due πŸ™‚ ta-ta!


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