Shoe Craze

Travel Shoes

Here are the top 4 Travel Shoes I love to use around Manila and out of town!

Flats from Bambu

Why? It has a soft edges, iwas paltos! cute details and makes my legs looks slender and longer due to colour 🙂 Got it for only Php 2000+. I bought this at Trinoma.


Why? It’s stylish and classic. I bought this at Pop Culture for only Php 700+


Why? I love Nike Shoes, I am a bit sporty btw LOL 🙂 I use this when going to buy dibidi somewhere in quiapo. I feel so young using this (as if I am too old, oh well a little) love the colour! very summer and dope and again comfortable! I bought this at Nike Store for only Php 1,500+ it’s sale!

Coach Sneakers

Why? This is heaven sent! 🙂 Although it’s kinda pricey but I use it when travelling out of town and calls for mega-walkathon!!! it is so soft and nice for my sweats. I bought this from States since there’s no coach here in the Philippines… why? why? why?

OH well, that is my top 4 “GALA” shoes, I often use slippers or sandals because I don’t like the feeling of dusty roads touching my skin and leaves a mark from the thong! it is so disgusting. I tried using Havaianas, fitflops and ipanema… all wre the same, so I just use it when malling or tamang tambay sa coffee shop or sa lugawan he he 🙂

When it comes to office wear, I am a big fan of Salvatore and tory Burch flats then when I have a meeting, I changed it with sexy pumps. Please don’t ask me if I use high heels for long hours, hell no. It is all for display! I love my feet too much 🙂 On the other hand, when I feel so girly and wanted to look tall while roaming aorund… I use wedges 🙂

Lastly, I don’t use anything, even bedroom slippers when home. Yes, since I was a kiddo!


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