Self Preservation

I guess never too late to fall in love with your self once again 🙂 Never thought I was busy that way for almost 3 years ago, working hardcore and forgot what is “fun” all about. I used to love dvd marathon, book reading, painting, window shopping and even cleaning my own nest, but due to demand of working hours- juggling everything in between… none of those existed no more.

Now, I am trying to get back on my old routine and even more. Time and Appreciation is the key 🙂

I am so happy to have friends who supports my happiness. Just like the visit in a museum, random shopping spree, girlbonding, dvd marathon with husband or me alone when he is busy and recently I watched live Talentadong Pinoy! I know sounds, boring but wow- just like the good ol’ days from college! LOL

I love seeing beautiful people! I was deeply mesmerized when I saw Ruffa G. Gawd, is she for real? Haha those boobies.. scary! but I like her.. she’s cool and sexy! Anyhow, as I watched live performances by the contestants…just realize something though’: things that people do to find their lost relatives and fight for poverty 😦 sad but true, heck some of them wants to be a celebrity that will suffice. Imagine, someone just knocked himself down facing shattered glasses for a talent, glad the buzzer rang! so as the curtains down. Whatta show! refreshing.

Moving on… the other day, I had a little shopping! I know, mostly are useless objects LOL but I only bought everthing for Php 200.00!!! beat that?!

Elianto Sale: 50% off plus buy 1 take 1

Face Mask from Etude

I just love buying and trying new beauty products regardless of the result 🙂 there’s always Belo to make my skin go back to normal when break out occur! I am confident that way. Also, I am enjoying watching hub’s baketball league. It’s an interbatch game from St. James Quezon City Alumni… Glad, seeing him play the ball makes me more giddy! I first met him at basketball court anyway 🙂

I just don’t compromise from what makes me happy and from what I stand for, not to forget my values and manners- priceless. Life is simple and yes… short 🙂


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