Pamarta Bali Resort, Bataan

Wish I can carry my self much higher so I can show you off my arms LOL

It’s our 4th year if I am not mistaken 🙂 to go out of town during Holy Week. This gives an opportunity to reflect and have my quiet time with God. It gives me peace and serenity given the fact that He has blessed us with beautiful mother nature and beautiful life.

This year, we opt to stay in Morong Bataan, called “Pamarta Bali Resort”. It was our first time to stay in a hut with no AC! just bed and electric fan 🙂 Exciting experience and we enjoyed ourselves tremendously.

"I always love the time we spent together, no internet, no other people... Just us"

My husband was the one who search for this wonderful resort, I always leave that to him because he is the best ever. He never fails to impress me 🙂 He is like the best boy scout I ever met. With that said, all I can take pride is… I am still the good cook ever:

His attempt to cook an "edible" rice LOL

But, in fairness to my hubs he is a good in grill 🙂

Excuse me with the knife, since we don't have our own place yet... I don't shop for things like kitchen stuff 🙂

Aside from cooking, we also watched a lot of movies, stargazing, munching, cuddling and played volleyball and basketball 🙂

Back to scenery… I just love the idea of pool facing the beach and the Jacuzzi! I am a sucker for Jacuzzi…

so peaceful 🙂

Pamarta won my heart by Five points:

1) You can play beach volleyball
2) Access to gas stove and grilling area
3) Jacuzzi and pool plus the beach
4) Hut (no ac nga lang)
5) It’s Clean, well maintained and quiet

What I don’t like is… there’s no ac 😦 which my hubs is not used to. Also, there’s no sari-sari store, wet market or a grocery nearby. So, you have to really pack up everything and buy a lot of ice before you go to the resort. If I am not mistaken, it’s 1km far from Pamarta. I hope they’ll set up a room with AC 🙂 for sure I’ll go back there and extend our stay.

A happy wife is a happy life 🙂

For inquiries:

MANILA OFFICE: 482-3800 | 710-1770

Happy Easter everyone!


When we were hanging out at the beach, while he was playing his psp and I don’t know what to do anymore…
kumanta ako ng kumanta na para na akong nag-reremix! I am dead serious pa naman… in tunes of Eraser heads, D’sound etc.
Then he laugh off his ass! damn 🙂 I am his his clown! we just end up laughing hardcore!


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