Royal Wedding

Watching Live in Lifestyle Channel (BBC)

Aside from being busy at the gym from the entire week and assisting my husband on his business, today April 29, 2011! I reschedule everything I do and that includes my gym. The royal wedding was aired around 4 p.m. in cable channels. I go to gym around 5 p.m. until 7 p.m. So, today I decided to work out around 1 p.m. 🙂 Oh dear I am such a royal junkie, at least for this one big day.. I waited for so long ha! fan-much!

I just don’t know, but it’s so historical and I love period films, princess and all- Now I am watching a true fairytale coming true! Congratulations to Prince William and Kate 🙂 I feel so happy and giddy, kilig-to-the-bones while watching the royal wedding.

I love the fashion and hats! it’s not everyday you see something like that… so elegant. The wedding gown of Kate Middleton was designed by Sarah Burton of Creative Director of Alexander McQueen 🙂 IKR! just fabulous, also reminded me of one f my favorite icon, Grace Kelly (sorry to compare, it looks like kase)

I am just so excited with the couple, hope Prince William and Kate will grow old together, full of love!

Now, they are: Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, are man and wife.



I love the beckham’s! very hot couple!
Plus, the roal wedding gave me goosebumbs & got cheesy all they way! I cried aww


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