A bit Diva won’t hurt

I absolutely adore strong and intelligent women, that’s why I love the following ladies:

1) Audrey Hepburn
2) Jackie O
3) Queen Rania of Jordan
4)Grace Kelly
5) Lady Gaga
6) Madonna
7) Katy Perry

Whenever I watch or read an article about them, even biographies it always appear that these women knows what they want in their life. Failure is not a hindrance on their way to the top, hence they like being at their best, giving it all and be a success in every details. Try and try until you succeed is painted all over the place! Knowing what you want is really powerful.

Let me share you a great video about the three diva:

If you notice, they control everything about their interviews such as lighting, angle etc. these girls are no dingbat and knows the power of image and yes- “image” is everything especially in their field. They sure know how to control every bit of it and spells= success.

I just like to share this to you and hope we can learn a thing or two šŸ™‚ Happy week ahead!


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