Outfit that I love to sport: Layering & Dress

So Girly, I love wearing dress at work, family gathering and girl bonding 🙂

I don’t care if I am way too fat or skinny (how I wish) or how big my legs is… I love to wear dress at work, family gatherings and date with friends. That is my signature style and so as layering 🙂
I am a girly girly most of the time, I love celebrating feminism through skirts, high heels and beauty products.

Peg when it comes to wearing a dress: Audrey Hepburn, Katy Perry, Amy Adams and Leighton Meester (I love how they look when they wear a dress, very classy and fun)

I love all black yet sophisticated style and Nicole Kidman just hit it!

Given the fact that our country is hot, I just love layering. Mabilis ako ginawin or sometimes, I don’t want to have uneven skin especially when going outside where the sun is way too much… hmmm also… honestly, it hides my fats haha! 🙂

I just love to share with you what porma I love to sport. I am not a fashionista, keeping it simple yet elegant is my style. It doesn’t have to be expensive as long as it compliments my curves and fantastic colour which is usually neutral… I am ready to go 🙂

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