MOTD + Nasawing Gym Shoes

The "tamad" look

If I don’t feel like to doll up, I usually use red lip colour! it gives an instant glow on my gloomy face.

Today is not my day due to stubborn zit and the anti-social I am becoming! πŸ™‚ But today didn’t stop me, a good friend of mine from Singapore is a must see, she is so dear to me so, I can’t simply say no. Leona πŸ™‚ this is so big deal to me! hahaha, I hope you appreciate it!

To my loving bes, see I have control na sa bagoong rice na yan! I didn’t finish the entire plate that is good for 3 person! Mwahahah πŸ™‚

There's a funny story when I curl my hair πŸ™‚

Hair: VVS curling Iron *large*

No hair spray! that’s why after an hour… my bes told me “Your hair is a mess” @_@ oh well!


Belo sunscreen
Make-up designory concealer
In2it foundation in Harvest


MAC in taupe


Carmex Lip Balm in tube
MAC wonderwoman collection in russian red

Moving on…

Nike Shox, you served me well after 2 years 😦

I went to gym right after I girl bonding and actually a little Kill Joy as I turned down to watch Thor in 3D with them (Leona and Sarah) Why? because I don’t feel like watching a movie without a pop corn and my diet will go totally ballistic! I need a control and I need to hit the gym…

So, I had 20 minutes at steam bath, 30 minutes biking, 15 minutes jogging at treadmill (then my Shoe broke! boo hoo)… I was devastated, mix emotions since I plan to work out for 2 hours regardless I am kinda late at the gym (arrived: 8:00 p.m.) anyway, I wore my flats and hit the bike for 15 minutes and walk home for 30 minutes.

I’ll just make it up tomorrow!

My new PAL πŸ™‚ another Nike Shox

I am just happy that my husband bought me the facial mask I requested since the zit is also pestering! Goodnight πŸ™‚


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