Fvaorite of the month: Glamworks for hair & VS body butter

As a beauty fanatic that is truly inspired by family, I never stop moisturizing my skin and taking good care of my hair since grade school (Grade 5 to be exact). I will do everything just to look like my maternal grandmother when I age šŸ™‚ She is so fabulous but I won’t go under the knife like she did! LOL

I switch products from time to time, depends on my mood but when it comes to basics like facial care… I am loyal, I can’t be that adventurous especially I have finally found what works for me (Thanks to VMV and Belo Medical Group)

Moving on, here’s my favorite of the month:

If you read my entries, you’ll noticed that my hair has triple colour plus the fact I love highlights… it really makes my hair super duper dry šŸ™‚ but I take care of it with regular conditioning and other hair treatments. Glamworks hair treatment has avocado and jojoba oil that provides elements of nutrition and helps protect hair from damage. To use this, leave on your scalp for 15 minutes using shower cap or steamer. Rinse well, air dry or style as desired šŸ™‚

I love how it works because some hair treatment products makes my hair fall crazily!

Victoria Secret: My Desire Ultra Softening Body Butter

I am not really a fan of VS scents, but this one owned my heart. I smell this when I am having my regular gylcolic peel at Belo located in Trinoma šŸ™‚ I asked the receptionist what is that smell, it is so relaxing and girly. She told me that most of the staff uses My Desire body butter to keep their skin moisturize because their clinic is so damn cold!

I switch my body lotion (La Mer, Jergens cooling aloe and VS body butter) It depends on my mood, but when I feel I have a dry skin… I smother La Mer moisturizing lotion and I swear on the product šŸ™‚ the next day after ta-dah back to my normal skin.

I am obsess with smooth skin! who doesn’t?! I have my staples and will blog it another time šŸ™‚


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