Leona comes to MNL


Leona (the girl in yellow shirt) is such a crazy gal who travels Singapore to Manila from time to time. Parang Quezon City to Divisoria lang teh! I love the fact that she puts an effort to see me and my bes coming all the way from Bulacan. Hmmm she really loves to travel!

Kahapon ay nagkita kita kami, as much as I want to turn down an invitation! I can’t simply say No. I am super duper in mega strict diet with super duper weak control pag nakakita ng food! I drool 🙂 i am still weak and I am working on that, hence I enjoyed the girl bonding, daming chismis ng mayaman and I had to be “KJ” and did not joined them watch Thor in 3D, instead I went to the gym but unfortunately my shoe broke after an hour of cardio, anyhoo!

Sarah and Leona at 5th Avenue

Before we had our late lunch, the two went at 5th Avenue to have their phone checked…

Avid Blackberry users

I guess you’ll spot where is mine as a coke lover that wanna lose weight, so help me God. Leona got her BB fixed that cost her 2k since the tracker (?) isn’t moving, that was my old blackberry problem when I am still an old school “baller”. I started using blackberry because of those celebrities that tweets using ubertwitter! since then I want to have it and started with Blackberry storm that is hefty pricey and I hate touch screen pala! So, after months raving about it, I switch and switch until I have my 3rd phone from Blackberry. While, Sarah’s phone was a victim of super “layaw” as her son wants to munch her phone! Well, leona… I guess it was caused by ka-adikan sa twitter hahaha! 🙂

@ Gerry's Grill in Trinoma

Our drinks!

Enseladang Talong



Bagoong Rice


and as I compute all the calories and added hours to my cardio as we eat, I noticed that my bes, Sarah has a bag holder! (sosyal)

Bag Holder (Ikaw na!)

I love the idea and I want one 🙂

Moving on, #mgateh are sucker for desserts! juice ko, huhu!

Hello DQ

Sarah's super duper chocolate ice cream!


Banana Split! (MINE) I ate the banana and half of the ice cream in chocolate syrup!

This is so yummy! if I am not in a diet, I will finsih this banana split!

I really enjoyed trading stories with my girlfriends, it’s all fun and all about food. We have another this week and I am already in soft diet right now so I can eat without guilt next time we see each other which is tomorrow (May 12, 2011)


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