SHINE: Mylene Sarah Alconcel

Mylene Sarah Alconcel or I love to call “Mhy” and “Bes” is my best friend since birth! We met during college days when she’s uber taray flaunting all her skirt collection with pamaymay, after that – we are inseperable. She is currently busy with her mommy adventures and family business.

Mylene is the exact opposite of me especially when it comes to beauty products!

It's bath time!

She’s an avid user of Ponds facial care and Aveeno! Mylene loves to use Kerastase to tame her thick hair πŸ™‚ She also switches hair shampoo as I noticed, from Palmolive to Pantene.
We both love liquid soap and uses loofah on a regular basis. She also loves to hit the spa and goes to dermstrata for facial treatments like, Diamond peel and basic facial.


Mylene takes good care of her skin by drinking lots of fluids and taking Vitamin E plus moisturizing due to super dry skin. She keeps it simple with her beauty routine and does not switch products from time to time, I must say she is totally an Aveeno gal, and switches to another brand like Vaseline and Nivea depending on her mood. Ponds is her miracle bottle, it’s her skin’s bestfriend! πŸ™‚

She also have stuff from Sephora, Lush, Body shop, Bath and Body works, Victoria Secret. I only show you her staples! stress magligpit ng gamit hehe!


She usually start with a sophisticated scent in the morning which either Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Lotus or Baby Bench. Among her favorites are scents from Victoria Secret and Body Shop.

Nail Polish

She got her nails done usually at the Nail Salon or home service. When she feels like painting her own nails, she has her own nail lacquers with mix of high end and drugstore brands.


Mylene lives in a stress free make-up world. She is blessed with beautiful skin but sometimes she also wants to put make-up like any other girls. She loves to use Bench Cheek tint and Maybelline’s face powder and BB cream. When she wants to have flirty eyes, she simple use her gadgets for eye lashes and to keep that healthy eyes look, she is obsessed with Benefit’s Ooh La Lift. For her lips, it’s either MAC products or Nivea lip balm and other brands.

Aside from products that she uses as her beauty secret, she also told that her family inspires her most to doll up and have that happy aura… πŸ™‚

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4 thoughts on “SHINE: Mylene Sarah Alconcel

  1. This is one way to know you more…. Mrs Mylene Sarah Intud-Alconcel πŸ˜€
    I switch shampoos from time to time rin sofie, cuz when my hair gets used to a shampoo, it doesn’t shine much na… i switch from pantene to sunsilk and back to pantene (my staple!!!), I use shampoo and conditioner separately…

    Gosh! i love this post… oo nga noh!?! we could always write the good stuff right?!! hehehehe

  2. Thanks Janis!

    Ako din, I switch shampoo, ewan ko ba parang minsan di na effective or something, then will go back naman! haha, dati I use LUX yung kay lucy torres.. ewan ko ba bakit nawala! πŸ˜€

    Thanks janis! yeah, must spread good vibes and people that can learn a thing or two lalo na sa pampaganda hahah LOL post something like this! I wanna know whats your beauty secret! πŸ™‚

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