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As a beauty maven and super addicted to beauty products and all sorts, I decided to share to you a collection of blog entries that I’ll write, called “Shine”. It’s about skin products and other beauty loots of people that I know personally 🙂 So, better get ready when I bumped into you because I always have with me my camera and eventually feature you in “Shine”.

Moving on, I’ll share to you my favorite beauty products that I use on daily basis. Blame it to my maternal grandmother as well as my aunts who always reminds us to keep ourselves beautiful, inside and specially out! LOL because it is the first one that is noticeable (c’mon lets get real here 🙂 ).

As a beauty junkie, I may not able to show you everything that I have because gathering the basics almost made me faint already!

It's bath time!


VMV Hydra Balance SMart Cleansing Scrub (Facila Scrub with Natural Pumice)

Belo Gycolic Soap

I love Schwarzkopf Zero Frizz shampoo!!! I swear on that product ❤
but currently I am in love with Palmolive Shampoo in Damage repair and Watson's Coconut conditioner, I love the smell of the two since I am working out everyday, I noticed that my hair still smell good kahit pawisan na!

Close up white now
Colgate Periogard,mouth rinse in fresh mint

St. Ives Body Scrub
J&J Body wash
PH care feminine wash
Nivea underarms spray

The bar soap that I only use was Olay and when Olay body wash appeared on the market, I switched. But I noticed during summer, it’s bit heavy on my skin so I am currently using J&J body wash. I am a fan of J&J specially of 5.5 body wash, I don’t know why it’s phase out couple of years ago na, sayang I love the product. Some body wash causes acne on my body and it’s a big no-no. I also go to SPA for monthly body scrub and other spa treatments or otherwise I’ll feel grose. That same feeling when I don’t have my regular pedicure in salon nearby house.

More for skin!

Honestly, I can’t sleep without doing my night/day routine. It’s all about moisturizing! My maternal grandma, “Linda” is already in her 70’s and she’s very beautiful mestiza.
Right after bath, (during the day) I use Jergens soothing aloe on regular basis, but if I want something girly scent or very dry… I use Chanel Coco mademoiselle, La Mer and Bath & Body works lotion, Victoria Secret in My desire body butter… really depends on my mood.

For my face, I use Belo Chat 2% and DLC Peeling Cream especially after Power Peel.

(during the night) I smother Cetaphil Lotion or Neutrogena body oil (depends how my skin feels, I don’t like rough skin) and use Heathcote & Ivory Country Blossom Hand& Nail Cream with Shea butter, this one I religiously use day and night, I love how my hands feels soft all the time.

Aquaphor is the best healing ointment, the best ever! I use this when a new shoes causes skin darkening on my feet and any skin scratches or something. I even use this for chapped lips, everything! I swear on this product. My hubs mother introduced me to Aquaphor and since then I fell in love. What I do is put a certain amount in different container with label “for feet”, “for lips” etc. I am OC that way.

I also take vitamins (Vitamin C, Vitamin B and Glutathione) I also use Mosbeau whitening cream for some dark areas on my skin! girls hello, as if you don’t know haha!!! I just want even skin all the way, even in nude you can shine 🙂 LOL


I love perfume! I love it when I smell good. I even spray some before I go to sleep! On the picture are my signature smell of all time 🙂 I have more perfumes, but I opt to show you the one I can’t live without (something like that) I used to splurge on one perfume way back 2000′ called “GAP” white. It is the most sexy scent ever existed to my life! I always got compliments wearing that scent! come 2005, it was totally gone! I even asked friends and my ex-boyfriend now husband to buy me a lot of Gap white in abroad since it’s not available here. So boo hoo, no more Gap white and that was the time my perfume collection started.

During day time, I love using Gap Dream, Gap Pink, D&G light blue, Hayden in Green tea & Peony and Ralph Lauren Woman. At night: Salvatore Ferragamo, Bulgari, L’Occitane Verbana, Chanel N5 and Jo Malone. In Bedtime: J&J baby cologne or L’occitane Verbana.

I only use one at a time, depends on my mood.

My everyday Make-up

When it comes to make-up, those are on my easy drawer where I don’t have to make kalkal my two make-up case. It only takes me less than 10 minutes to finish my signature look, but when hitting the gym I don’t put any product on my skin. Also, having an oily skin is both gift and a curse, I don’t use much liquid based make-up and a lot of moisturizer. When I am way to lazy to put much make-up, I only use face powder, do my brows using MAC’s brow set and lip colour from NARS, MAC, Chanel in 45 adventure hydrabase and Dior Addict. I can never go wrong using any of the four when in a hurry. It compliments my aura even If i don’t feel my day. When applying make-up, I use my trusted brushes from MAC, Ecotools and Elianto. I have a collection of brushes but I only took the picture of my top picks or else I this will be a novel entry from a beauty junkie like me.

If you have a question about the products I use, just leave a comment or e-mail me at:

Also, I drink water a lot and other natural fruit juice just to have that glowy skin. Exercise and montly visit to spa is a must for my beauty routine! I have my waxing done before at Skinline located at Mindanao ave. unfortunately it was closed so I transferred to Lay Bare at SM the block.

Napagod ako pag explain! haha!!! Not so high-maintenance, sa dami lang ng ginagamit ko tsagaan lang.


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