SHINE: Janis Paredes

About her: Always Nonchalant, Pretending Not to Care.

Janis is one of my Love Doctors even she’s in Riyadh, we keep in touch from time to time 🙂 Thanks to uber technology, kung tumutubo lang ang pera sa puno, nabisita ko na lahat ng friends go sa buong mundo LOL

She’s one of the best blogger I know that really shares what life is all about. During Multiply days, I was super hooked on her entries and religiously commenting and waiting patiently for her reply. Chat was not available on Multiply back in the days.

We’ve been friends for so many years and I am glad that I met someone like her.

Lemme share you her Swagger Shine lifted from her blog.

I got inspired by my friend’s blog (Sofie’s) to write something that I use daily for grooming and prettifying myself 🙂 It’s amazing to be a woman… you could either be simple or complicated… I for one is the simple kind of person when it comes to toiletries etc…

My Shampoo and Conditioner

My Shower Gel

After scrubbing using Dettol, I see to it that I use Yardley after, I love the scent of this soap on my body, keeps me feeling fresh all day — this soap smells like Heno De Pravia (if you still remember that soap!?!)

This is way easier to find than PH care… inasmuch as I prefer the latter, I’ve no choice since they only sell PH Care in Pinoy Stores which are so far from our place… this would have to do…

After taking a shower, I go to the bathroom sink to wash my face with papaya soap 🙂 This kept me away from pimples for the longest time

I use the regular Colgate stuff

With the Oral B Toothbrush

I use the original scent Jergens for my body

and this….

Moving on,

This for the face… since it’s really really dry in here.. I am obliged to moisturize unlike in the Philippines, I can survive without any moisturizing stuff on my body!

For the Make Up…

It’s kinda different from day to day… but I will write about what I use regularly..

Shiseido Compact (I could not ever go wrong with this one!) Mary Kay Mineral Make-up

Mary Kay Make Up

Some Maybelline Lipstick

Mary Kay Eyebrow Pencil

Liquid Eye Liner From Mary Kay (Funny how I don’t use mascarra!) I cannot be matured enough to use it… it always gets messed up!

Mary Kay Bronzer

Mary Kay Highlighter

Chopped Lips being chronic in Riyadh, everyone must have Labello (of any kind!)

As I start my day, I need to have some few stuffs with me…

Dettol Wet Wipes

Something I carry everywhere!

and my perfume of choice for the time being is D&G Light blue…

The Cologne that I carry around…. I initially bought this because it sounded like the surname of my friend Steff, but then I liked it so I started using it regularly…

Oh well, I’ve got less than that of the other girls but to some, I’ve got more… girls do have different preferences in terms of grooming and hygiene… I wonder what’s yours?!! Care to share?

Visit Her Blog:

Thanks Janis for sharing! Naloka ako sa make-up mo 🙂 sosyal, Now I want to try Mary Kay soonest! naglaway ako sa make-up mo hee hee!


One thought on “SHINE: Janis Paredes

  1. Thanks thanks thanks! I really appreciate your reblogging this… ❤ I am glad I've been one of your love doctors 🙂

    It's fun to share our day-to-day stuffs, makes us wanna look forward to more blogs from you (daily!?!)

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