SHINE: Leona Jane

Her favortie quote: Not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck...

I met leona jane on twitter together with #mgeteh group, she’s one of the cyber addicts that I know who tweets all the time about her whereabouts in workloads and other stuff that will tickle your funny bones hence she’s also good in giving advices and lends an ear if you need. I lover her to bits as she calls me from time to time just to have chika and God knows how much her call cost πŸ™‚

She’s the one who introduced me to Benefit Cosmetics that I’m dying to have ever since I read a good review about it. She gave me my first Benefit cosmetic which is the Bella Bamba! I swear on that product, it gives the perfect glow to me like my favorite brand NARS.

She spoils me like my other friends do, fairy godmother much? πŸ™‚

If you read my previous entries, she’s the one that I am talking about na ginagawang QC to Divisoria ang Pinas! Whenever she’s on official leave, she will go home in Bulacan from Singapore then will go to City to visit her friends! Isn’t she fab?

Moving on, since I haven’t visit her place! what I did was forced her to show me her purse here in my SHINE!

Charles & Keith

What’s inside:

She always have cash on hand and other cash cards πŸ™‚ mayaman!

Coin purse, Umbrella, USB broadband (ADIK!!! sa net), Tissue and her Black Berry (a thing that I think, she can’t LIVE WITHOUT!)


Bath and Bodyworks Perfume, Mary Kay Face Powder, Lotion, Gatsby Blotting Paper, Ponytail, Comb and Ecotools Brush set (I drool for this! haha πŸ™‚

Ecotools Make-up Brush Set

That is soo dope! very neat and lovely.

Make-up Kit


Muntik na akong mang-arbor dito ah! πŸ™‚ LOL,

She’s a fan of Benefit too and she swears on Benefit’s “That Gal” primer, I must say it’s good and smells terrific. Body Shop eye make-up, ZA lipstick, Nivea Lip Balm, L.A. girl eyeliner and Ever Bilena liquid eyeliner.

I enjoyed documenting her stuff inside her purse and fell in love with “That Gal” concealer. Calling all local malls here in the Philippines!! Can someone bring Sephora here or Benefit Cosmetics?! πŸ™‚ I am burning a lot of money just to have your stuff!

Thanks Leona for sharing this for my readers! Next, goodies in your house πŸ™‚

Visit her Blog:


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