SHINE: Bhenie Interior-Sta Maria

"an imperfect daughter, sister, family member & friend"

Bhenie is currently residing at Australia and have an empowered job that any woman would love! oh well, CPA ka ba naman 🙂

She’s been a good friend to me since Multiply blogging was uber hot until facebook appeared and conquered the world. Apart from her busy schedule, she managed to send me her favorite beauty products for my Shine entry! cheers ❤


Just to give you of what type of shopper am I when it comes to beauty stuff, I am tightfisted. It’s so hard for me to buy expensive beauty stuff even if I know that most of the expensive beauty stuff are way better than the cheap ones. And I am such a loyal consumer that when a certain product suits me, I really stick with it.

For my hair, I love using tresemme, but I buy them here when it’s on sale. It usually cost $10 per 750ml of either shampoo or conditioner, but when it’s sale, it’s becomes $6.99 or sometimes as low as $4.99 each. Not bad right?


Addendum to the shampoo & conditioner – I like those because for the shampoo, it does not make my hair dry and for the conditioner, it does not make my hair oily. Usually, I observe, even though Pantene shampoo is Ok with me, but its conditioner makes my hair oily.

I am using J&J Body wash. Ever since May 2008 (after we came from Boracay) my skin got so dry, maybe because of too much staying under the sun, that I could not use just any soap or body wash. Some soaps would make my skin itchy or flaky. And same is true with lotions. I used to love, Kissa (the product used to be endorsed by Kris A) lotion was so good on my skin but when it got dry, it didn’t help anymore. The dermatologist prescribed me to use Aveeno. I first bought my Aveeno products from PX goods store in Greenhills & Cartimar. I can also use QV. A friend from Multiply (Meg) sent me QV soap & lotion, and it worked well on me but since it was not available in the Phils then, I stayed with Aveeno.

And since it’s winter here in Australia, I used that type of Aveeno, because of it’s soothing feeling after. But right after taking a bath, before drying my skin with towel, I apply Alpha Keri Bath Oil first, esp that it’s very cold in here now. 

As for other daily stuff, I used that product as deodorant because it smells nice & not that strong. I don’t like the deodorant products here. I am afraid that it will make my dark (because of shaving) underarms darker hahahahah.
Of course, panty liners & feminine wash are given.

My deodorant was sent by Nanay because I couldn’t find it from Filipino/Asian Store here unlike Ph Care which is readily available here 

for everyday use

I admire girls (esp mgateh) who have eyes for make-up. I don’t know why that even if I was using make as early as 5 years old ( I used to join Sagala since I was a toddler), I didn’t have the heart to really invest or have passion about make-up although before whenever I see my aunts applying make up when they were in college, I told myself then that when I get to college, I would also have make-up on. But yeah, maybe people really change J

This picture is my everyday things, Aveeno for Babies is my face moisturizer. Then I just put on J&J Baby powder. For my lipstick, I love the not so glaring shades. The lipstick is Maybelline, the lip gloss/shiner are Nivea & Victoria Secret. It depends on my mood on what to use.

for special occasions

these are the ones I use during special occasions, like when we will attend parties. I use either of the foundation, Avon or Cover Girl. The other lipstick there (black tube) is also from Avon. The blush on & lipstick are from Maybelline.

Yummy scents!

These are my scents at the moment.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea, Philosophy by Grace & Body Shop perfume oil are for everyday use, it depends on my mood again. Then Bvlgari for femme is for special occasion, the smell is so nice & feminine  will you believe me that this perfume was given to me last 2006 pa! 😀 that’s how seldom I use it.

If only, I can find GAP Dream here, I would definitely get one as well.

Aveeno junkie 🙂

Last but not the least, just want to show you the pics of my Aveeno! & one of my essentials here in the office now. Bench Hand Sanitizer, this is my favorite scent together with the strawberry!

That’s all 🙂


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