Bed Weather + Lingerie Shopping + Coke-Free

Bed Weather

I just love the weather today 🙂 turned on the surround sounds with Olivia Ong’s music, added the cold temperature of ac and I am floating to heaven. The healthiest sleep I had so far in past few weeks. Rainy season will not stop me by hitting the gym, I am so happy that I have progress but it will be visible after a month or two IF followed by more strict diet and good schedule at the gym 🙂 gawd, I am becoming a bit of anti-social LOL, I just can’t say no to an invitation from a friend who wants someone to talk-to, all I need to do is find a healthy food or drink in substitute for what I usually put inside my body that makes me oh-so-fat. I just want to be healthy so badly aside from vanity reasons.

Lingerie Shopping

Even if, it’s signal number one! I had a little shopping at People are People since its mid year sale! The lingerie section made me stop and go gaga over with 🙂 I am a sucker for Lingerie. I will never have enough of it. My mom once told me, a girl should have a bazillion of lingerie, for hygienic and more famine reasons. I feel sexy and ready to go outside the world when I know I have beautiful lingerie beneath my clothes even inside our home. Aside from a beauty junkie that I am, Lingerie and bags makes me oh-so weak… I am just so happy to buy myself any of those. Moving on…

from Sophie B. lingerie line (SALE! fromm Php 1,000++ steal: Php 299.00)

Actually I am a La Senza, Agent Provocateur and Bench fan because of its quality and design. It really compliments my skin and curves, I swear on those brands hail to them! So, this is my first time to buy a Lingerie under Sophie B. (wow my name) I love the “sando” type of brassiere. I don’t know how do you call it, but I am sucker of layering and usually lingerie like this is awesomesauce to my skin, it feels right or maybe I just feel sexy with them haha! Whatever, it makes me feel good! That’s it 🙂 life is to short to wear undies with hole and patches of stitches! let go of that crap hahaha!!!

I fell in love with details

I am a sucker for details, it has a nice lace with glittery effect 🙂 you won’t even notice it when I layered this to an ordinary shirt while shopping! Tamang tama sa weather, may reason para magdoble doble ng damit haha! palusot… It is just so pretty plus the fact how it compliments my curves.

Sexy strap 🙂

Everything is perfect, so why would I think twice before buying these pretty little things? If there’s more color, I’ll hoard it but since it’s mid year sale… gah perhaps somebody already bought it because what I got was the last stock boo hoo, so I bought the two and some v-neck shirts (I seldom use round tee) Oh, I love what I bought today. Infatuated.

Coke Free

WTF? I know it has an affect on our health, but what can I do? It’s a vice that is something I need to let go sooner? duh. I don’t know. Upon lurking at facebook I saw this COKE-FREE NEGROS It’s about Coca-Cola is boycotting Negros sugar. And it is killing the sugar industry and Negros economy. It is high time now that Negros BOYCOTTS COKE and all COCA-COLA products.

it’s Mission:

Let us show the world that Negrenses will never allow smugglers to continue laughing on and fooling us. It is now time to unite and bring back the pride that have made us a great people.
Make yourself a Coke-free person.
Make your home a Coke-free home.
Make your community a Coke-free community.

My two-cents:

Whatever the country must do- I’ll support, but COKE-FREE? If that happens in Quezon City… I’ll cry my self to sleep and mourn LOL 🙂

Happy week-ehead. Make love not war! Enjoy 🙂


Don’t buy lingerie to impress your man, buy it for yourself… It’s like saying “I love me” yun lang. ktnxbye!


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