I have a lot of gay friends and i love them to bits… they have the passion in most beautiful things without hesitation. Most of them live life to the fullest and respectfully on the top of their games. From covers of the magazine, corporate world and all that jazz… they’re simply inspiring. I hope in our country, like New York, will embrace the legalization of gay marriage.

President Obama is so right! that gay couples deserves same rights as all, I can cry right now for happiness πŸ™‚ i heard a lot of heart breaking stories from gay friends that wants to be together legally and somewhat celebrating their fruitful love in small ceremonies out of town just to hide from mundane world that judges quickly. I strongly believe in true love and now, just like the empire state building…

(pic. not mine) Saw this at twitter during the celebration at New York πŸ™‚

speechless! wonderful. bravo!

That empire state building made me crave for cake! but...

I just ate couple of scoops of that sinful ice cream! πŸ™‚

For more news:

Happy week end πŸ™‚


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