My take on beauty

Hi everyone!

Beauty is the expression of Love

In Beauty section we will cover topics about skincare, beauty products and tools. I fell in love with beauty products since my grand father introduced me to Vitamin E lotion when I was first year high school 🙂

He said I should start taking good care of my skin by smothering lotion, of course he is not gay! He just love to take care of us in every way 🙂

My grandmother is the most vain woman I know and she is so pretty in her age  (70’s) , by the way every thing is natural on her 🙂 he he he and thank you for the gift of boobies!

My Grandma, Erlinda, Aunt Gina and Aunt Babylynn and at the back my, Ninang Estrelita Intud and my Mom, Sofelita (+)

As you can see, they are all kikay! I am a Daddy’s girl but I guess his vanity comes from his entire family 🙂

My Aunt Gina is the number one Kikay of all and I love her vast collection of beauty products.

My family is happy people and truly enjoy pam-pa-beauty, as well as my relatives in Tacloban.

Relatives from Tacloban, grandfather side (mom's)

It really shows, even in golden age we rock and proud of it 🙂 it’s beauty and brains!

I love them to bits 🙂 moving on, let’s admit that things can be little complicated as we searched for the right beauty product for our skin type and I still have a long way to go finding the one that really works for me, like finding the right eye liner for my super duper oily eyelids, foundation and continuing learning on how to apply eyeshadow.

I am not a beauty guru, but would love to share my adventure in beauty products that you might find useful.

Just always remember that beauty starts from within, a happy soul and the beauty of love through expression of love like hugging your significant other, saying I love you to your Mom and Dad, or a friend listening to another with support and kindness.

But again, we are only “human” so,  it’s important to maintain your beauty not only in the inside but also where it’s noticeable: the outside beauty.


My Style and Fashion Icons

Hi everyone!

My Style section is a compilation of pretty little  things that I adore, from bags, shoes and clothing. I am not really addicted to buying a lot of these things as much as I do in beauty products but I love investing for classic materials for my wardrobe that has a great quality and hopefully I can pass to my future kids or grand children!

My own style often teams vintage finds with new designer pieces. I go for something really simple or shape that has been around for ages and is timeless. I adore French 17th- century Aristocracy to Hitchcock films which ironically these are the styles that really don’t date as they’ve been around and loved for so long that they are now bona fide classics.  I love minimalistic approach as much as possible and when I tried to get a little funky, I go for color blocking… that is something adventurous for me and that is only during ‘ber holidays and summer.

Here’s a glimpse of my personal style:

Interviewing Matteo Pellegrini, President of Asia Region, Philip Morris International.

The classic LBD (little black dress) style top with white Bolero, I love LBD! very simple and elegant. and oh by the way! the dominant color inside my closet is black 🙂

Different LBD style 🙂

L-R Atty. Mario Zinampan, Hon. Imelda Marcos, Sofie and Atty. Noel De Luna

I love that dress with purple accent, I use this for corporate events and casual gathering.

with office mate, Atty. Wyanet Zaragoza- BFF of Divine Lee 🙂 I love wyanet, because she's very simple and love her style!

Same style of dress as above but different on top 🙂 Once, I love something… I love to have it in different colors!

A sample of colorful clothing 🙂

I love fun colors but only during holiday’s, happy days,  and getaway and oh, I wear pink PJs 🙂

As for Jewelry:

In normal days, I just wear pearl earrings and my wedding ring.

I love White Gold, Turquoise accent, Diamond,White Pearls and a little Gold because I feel old with lots of it 🙂 plus my wedding ring and engagement ring if I want to go overload.

I don’t like piling up, just few will do to complete my wardrobe. I rarely wear a “watch” because it can’t stop me looking for the time and it makes me uncomfortable, its a habit. Plus, I hate hearing “tick-tock”, I rather look on my blackberry.

As for Shoes:

I love high heels! forever, but I must confess I use flats when it calls for a long walk like shopping. The dominant color of my shoe collection is nude/beige, it compliments my skin and makes my legs look longer.

As for Bags:

Now I am blinded by this! I am addicted to signature bags for I don’t know why. It makes me feel secure and pretty! So, I can’t describe what I look for bags, quality and name! O_o

There you go, a glimpse of my personal style.

My Peg:

My muse-for-all-seasons: Audrey Hepburn

Grace Kelly

Jackie O

Queen Rania of Jordan

My  inspiration comes from fashion Icons mentioned above and I love reading  every thing about them, its interesting and empowering especially my Idol, Queen Rania of Jordan, wish I can meet her personally Le Sigh*.

I am so hooked on classics!

Labs and theme song

Hi everyone,

For sure kayong mga lovers diyan ay may tawagan! at theme song eklavoo 🙂 KAMI MERON!!!!

This is the keso, perhaps pinaka jologs category of my blog 🙂 as mentioned in my first entry about the man I love, a.k.a as Labs and Baby…

I would like to discuss where our endearment “LABS” came from:


Oo na, adik lang 🙂 They are on of the influential tandem during the 90’s and yes, I love 90’s damang dama ko ang panahon na ito, samahan ng street boys aring-king-king at roller boys with Patrick Garcia na una kong naging celebrity crush. Naman!

Siympre, 1997 kami nag simula… gusto ko may tawagan din kami ni ronald ko, kaya naging “LABS” ang resulta- ka-adikan- kay jolens and marvin! Pero, sympre… lumipas ang panahon… naging sosyal ng konti, Baby na. “Be” pag sinumpong ng ka-jolog-an hehe. Pero pag mag kagalit, we call each other by first name he he he or simply tamang business meeting or socializing that we can’t express our sweetness.

Theme Song

Peachy and Wax

Sino ba naman makaka limot sa TGIS? juice ko… iniyakan ko ito at inabangan-abangan 🙂 at syempre isa sila sa mga kilalang love team during the 90’s not to to forget their theme song: “You should know by now” by Angela Bofill

If you want to make me feel *emo* at trip mo ako paiyakin in a good way, play this. I swear, even in karaoke bars… I can’t sing this without getting cheesy, even in our home. Masyado lang talaga ako in love sa aking asawa na hindi ko kayang o.a. na mag break kami, which never happened. Our only “break time” was when he had vacation twice at the U.S. for 6 months, para di masayang ang multiple entry niy. Pero official break up or cool off, like:

1) Wag tayong mag tawagan in 2-3 days (ANO YUN FASTING?!)

2) Wag tayo magkita for 1 week and or a month, I just need time. (END OF THE WORLD)

I swear, even you ask him he doesn’t have an answer to that because we never did. We are not perfect couple but thank God di ko na-experience na mag break kami ng bongang bonga or even na feel— iiwan na kita. Praise God!

We may have shortcomings, some world war scenes pero I am happy because in the end of the day we just can’t live without each other.

My Husband


a.k.a Labs or Baby

Age: forever 16

Meet my ex-boyfriend! now, husband Mr. M 🙂 I always say he looks like a polar bear!

I don’t know, whenever I see a polar bear on the glossy, stuff toy and Coca Cola ads… I can’t help but laugh alone and be reminded of him. He is so cute 🙂 like the scene in the movie Despicable Me:

My husband is muscular, very sexy and macho 🙂 not fluffy and I just love to hug him every day and I just can’t get enough. He is my every day crush like I have sumpa or something, but thank God I keep falling and falling in love with the same man for 13 years (since November 23,  1997) Well, siguro ginayuma niya ako? kidding. I love him to bits!

He is my type, I love that he looks mabango… yeah it must be physical attraction first! Hello, I am going to spend the rest of my life with my partner… so we should be crazy about each other and am glad we are! crazy enough. I love his character, values, morals and being a gentle man. Plus pogi points din ang pagiging athletic niya and his sweetness 🙂

I just love every thing about him and I decided to write things that I love about this man, so that my future kids and grand children can read how much I love and appreciate Mr. M.

Waking up next to him and smiling each morning  is truly God’s gift ❤ Sana habang buhay na talaga.

Cooking Diva

Hi everyone!

It’s been a long time since I cook for someone, everyday of my life. I used to cook for my lolo daddy, but when he passed away in 2005, just like the love I have in painting… I lost my interest in cooking.

I kept my self busy in other things where I can’t be reminded with good times with my dad back then, since it’s a tear jerker! He just loves everything I cook for him and that is more than enough.

After years passed by, I got busy with 9-5 job and really lost in touch with the kitchen. I woke up around 5:00 a.m. and need to leave the house exactly 6 a.m. for work. As much as I want to cook for dinner, I normally arrived at home around 9 p.m. latest was 12 midnight and lucky if I reached home around 8 p.m. and that’s the earlier.

Even I wanted to cook for my husband, he is so hungry and can’t wait any longer, during that time we don’t know yet how we will balance our time as a new married couple.

Right now, as we work out our schedule together and currently enjoying my time serving him while I am waiting for my next adventure, this time I know what to do to balance everything so as he and I am glad we are supporting each other.

Moving on, I am learning to cook different recipes and currently perfect doing the following:


This is a no-brainer dish 🙂 I can flip this if I want to! I just don’t add egg because we both find it eww. I just add Magic Milk and ta-dah 🙂 top with Imperial butter and syrup. We have this every morning and if we are tired eating my own version of scramble eggs which I want to brag the best in the world combined with any of these: chickendog, bacon, ham, crispy burger patties, corn beef, corned tuna with chili powder or plain tuna and any thing we want to eat. It really depends! but if he doesn’t have time to eat and really in a hurry, I just eat corn flakes or oatmeal. Breakfast and Dinner is our favorite meal-bonding!

Chicken Adobo

I swear, this is my first time to cook Chicken Adobo because this is one of his favorite. He also requested me to cook for Sinigang which is kinda in a backseat since I hate Sinigang na pork since birth 🙂 anyway, this Chicken Adobo is not that hard to cook tho’ thank to youtube tutorials! I am learning.

Fried Chicken

I guess, we Filipinos love Chicken and yes we are madly addicted to Chicken, if there’s only a cook book all about Chicken recipe! *shrug* will certainly buy it 🙂

My husband (I love saying that- “my husband”) also loves fried chicken but doesn’t eat KFC! weird. He say it makes him break out *boo* well, me too! hehe but that won’t stop me eating KFC!!!

If you’ll ask me the secret recipe to this one: CRISPY FRY

Let’s make life easier, besides he loves it 🙂 if there’s much better than crispy fry breading, please let me know!

Someday, I will cook kare-kare and dinuguan which he loves! but for now… lets make life easier hahaha!!!!!


I love to cook again and my day will not be complete without cooking for my husband 🙂 I will do this forever!

Happy Weekend!

Personal Card from LOUIS VUITTON staff, Philippines.

I only own three bags from Louis Vuitton and one is personally purchased from Louis Vuitton Philippines. I was truly happy with the experience, because I really worked hard to save for two months to buy it 🙂

The staff from Louis Vuitton is so nice, I remember back then… I used to window shopping like every two weeks at Louis Vuitton and asking their staff  named “Arlene” where I can invest my money in LV goodies and she patiently assisted me. After giving my personal information upon purchasing, Louis Vuitton Philippines has been sending me electronic mails which I am gladly to brag, not a spam mail!!!

Today, I received a snail mail  from their staff, Arlene:

This made me smile today 🙂 ❤ Thank you Arlene!

On Blogging

I just like to share you a Q&A that I got from Bhenie Interior- Sta. Maria, a friend of mine.

I answered this in year 2009, May 25 when I am still a multiply user. and see how it goes 🙂


1. How long have you been blogging?

   Since 2004, I really started here on LJ.

I was inspired by an article made by Celine Lopez, a writer. Unfortunately I can’t find her LJ account for years 🙂


Any advice to beginners?

I’m no pro- but I suggest start by being true to yourself. Have your own mark as much as possible, not just because you want to follow a trend and write lies about how you live. It’s annoying… This is like a Diary, but online.

2. What are the good things blogging has brought to your life?

    If there’s a retail therapy… for me this is blogging-therapy. It makes me feel good regardless of what I wrote and about to write. It makes my brain muscles to function more!

Of course, It brings good memories whenever I browse some old entries and reminded me how I’ve change and grown to be a better person.

3. What would you consider the pitfalls?

   When I closed an account in LJ.

4. Tell us about your blog name. Ever think of changing it? If so, to what? Why?

  I have 2 blognames, —– (because I love being everyone’s muse! too much princess’s in this world! haha)
and my name sofie salvador. (wordpress)

I love my name, sofie or sofelita because it was given to me by my most beloved grandfather who gave me everything I want on this life. He is my Angel.

5. Knowing what you know now, was starting a blog a good thing for you? Why or why not?

 Yes, life is too short not to tell your story.. no matter how ordinary or extra ordinary it is!

My entries can be moving or what but I know somewhere along the way someone will benefit from this and will make a great difference in their lives.

6. How do you think blogging, bloggers, or the blogosphere has changed since you started?

 Actually, way back in 2004 bloggers really tell about their lives under the sun, now more people are conscious what to write in their entries, some are trying too hard to fit in like bragging about their things and some blahs or even attention whore that they have to blog about something that will make them famous, but the real score- they know nothing.

I really have a high respect with bloggers who write about their lives, no matter how negative it is or whatever then trying to pull themselves back for more stronger “Bonggang”- comeback! and not afraid to share it!

so people will be warned to do the same mistake as he/she did. 🙂 something like that. I love people who loves to inspire others and be a great example to humanity.

8. Ultimately, what would you like your blog to accomplish for you or others?


For me, Just a keep sake.This is like  a book that will not be published but has a stronger effect compare to published books lol.


Who are you? Really?

1. Name something or a few things that bug you and expound. We want your unfettered opinion(s). Shouldn’t be blog related.

Negative and Ugly People… they just pull you down to their thrown just o make themselves happy and make you feel lesser or blah.

2. Tell us about one of your best childhood memories.

  My Lolo Daddy always take us out every Sunday for our family day. he never fails to bring me “Pasalubong” and even gave me the best gift in life- Education and unconditional love. In the age of 76 he still manage to work just to give us everything we want.

I love eating spaghetti because of him. That was his pasalubong every day for me. Spaghetti always makes me feel younger… great memories.


3. Describe your perfect day.

    Oh knowing me…. spent with my family, better half or alone at the Spa!!! yes… SPA SPA SPA… I love SPA.

4. Do you have a hobby that you love?

 Painting and Cooking.

5. Tell us the best and the worst thing about being you.


Once I turn my back on something or someone… I dont look back nor even having second thoughts about it.


Only people who knows me by heart can tell that lol
But for me, when I give my all- I give it all the way with no questioned asked.

6. What’s the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you? We want all the details.

It was storming so badly, I was 4 years old then… my undies fell off and I dont know how… maybe it’s the garter ha ha!! and I was crying to my yaya and cried the whole night while having a high fever.

7. What blog related thing bugs you?

   blogger who pretends. Anyway, this is cyber world..what do you expect?! you’ll never know if that blogger is a dog lol

Personal stuff:

How old are you? 24
Married? Hopefully someday.
Children? none… as of now.
If so, homeschool, private, or public? Hopefully, God will give my Children the same Education I have in Private School and if ever much better 🙂

All I want for my children is to have a quality education.

Favorite season? Rainy Season
Favorite past time? Surfing the net, watching DVD marathons or movie, reading books, researching about greek mythology, playing with my pets, cooking, painting, singing and shopping or window shopping.

Favorite color? Pink and Green.

Favorite movies? Ever After, Italian Job, The notebook, Story of Us, The Photographer and Sex and the City.

Favorite song? You Should know By Now

Mac or PC? either
Dog or Cat? Dog
Salt or Pepper? Salt

Vanilla or Chocolate? Chocolate forever

Diet Coke, Ice Tea or Mineral Water?  Diet Coke.

Steak, Chicken or Shrimp? Shrimp!