What’s in my bag- Month of July

Before I proceed showing you off my unorganized purse, lemme share you tid-bits of my life. I had fun last night with friends, it was my first time to set foot at Pacos Grill near abs-cbn. It’s a small one, great for “kwentuhan” but the music isn’t too appealing. Maybe it’s meant for mega kwentuhan minus the impact of music that can add to relaxing mood hence the service crew got 5 stars from me because they’re maalaga, her name is Tiffany, cute girl 🙂 Food: so-so.

Nightlife is becoming my life right now, isn’t that amazing? not so me noh?! people change, yes they really do. Wish I drink like a sailor or if not just knows how to drink but I am super allergic to alcohol so I am one of the Ice Tea gals you’ll meet.

Moving on, as a Maroon 5 fan and Xtina here’s a video of my recent favorite song “Moves like Jagger”

Isn’t Xtina fabulous, damn she’s an inspiration! Having a bump and performing like that?! cheers to you! Ikaw na 🙂


I must confess that I am a designer junkie or I can’t simply use a nameless bag due to trauma of poor quality. It’s my vice since grade school 🙂 kanya- kanyang trip lang yan.


This is my first coach bag ever and very useful! Although I was devastated when I lost the key chain during IMMAP Summit 2010, boo.

I noticed that i have a lot of MINTS! yay 🙂 it’s like I am always ready to kiss LOL TicTac and Starbucks strong mints. I also love Marks & Spencer’s but I am into Starbucks right now. I also have dental floss! yeah, you must have that. Strange, I have toothbrush but no toothpaste 🙂 crazy gal.

I don’t have a make-up kit right now, because this bag is always on the go… I just tossed like that my vanity tools, but I put some protective cap on my super reliable MAC Brush (116). I need to have at least 3 shades of lipstick so it will be appropriate depending where I’ll go if someone invited me in a jiffy which is currently happening all the time. It’s like kidnapping 🙂 you know?

Lipstick: MAC (twig) KRYOLAN (LF304) MAYBELLINE ( Toffee Cream)
Lip Balm: Carmex

MAC Studio fix is my all around powder even without foundation or any primer etc. It does all the magic I need when I don’t have much time. I can amazingly do my make-up in 5 minutes.
Since I discovered MAC brow set (girl boy) I don’t leave the house without it. I can forget the lipstick but not my eye brow make-up! 🙂

Bronzer from Stila, to contour my face 🙂

I have small perfumes, one is from Marks & Spencer and the one is a refill bottle (what do you call that?) where I spray my D&G light blue. I can keep this in my pocket if I need to leave my bag somewhere. I love smelling great, it’s a crime to smell like a sun LOL joke only.

Coco Chanel hand lotion is with me everyday so as my pocket size alcohol. I love my hands too much 🙂

Random hair clips and my lovely Clinique Comb, heaven sent.

My vanity mirror that I bought from suesh (I blogged this already, somewhere in time 🙂 It has a led light, sosy!

Oil control film, it is much better to wipe oil from face than to retouch and retouch all over according to my make-up artist.

A handkerchief 🙂 I am a pink lover and Armando Caruso Fan!

I just ran out of Tissue but gals we should have it all the time.

A pen (from tree huggers & Pilot) and my little black notebook.

Medicine kit (headache is my cup of tea)

house key 🙂

I can survive outside the world just having all of these 🙂

I don’t usually carry a wallet even I have some from Kate Spade, LV and Kenneth Cole. I just don’t feel using one… 😦 I usually put my money and card holder inside the bag.

That’s all folks! Happy week-end 🙂

2 thoughts on “What’s in my bag- Month of July

  1. ngayon lang napa visit ng bongga sa blog mo ulit. natuwa ako when i saw the Gatsby oil-control film! woot woot! we’re soo friends talaga! favorite namin yan ni Gena, better than clean and clear. oh well… maybe because it’s black? the mystery attacks! connect? 🙂

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