Sadness and La Senza Sale

I must confess, God has his own way to help me discover what other people says about me. Life isn’t perfect, as much I want to see good things in people all the time… but few really just proved themselves as a royal jerk. Well, you can’t please everyone and I strongly believe that, as long as you have a pure heart, life is beautiful. I will not stoop down to their level and I am the kind that will not confront you (unless you are important to me) but will let you feel that you did really something wrong from me.

I hate judgmental and gossipwhore people. Have you ever watched “Mean Girls”? perhaps, it has a classic example of back stabbing people. I just can’t fake it… If I don’t like you, that’s it. No certain amount of attention will be given to you. I am just truly hurt from what I discovered and every word really stabbed my heart… If there is someone who knows me better, it is me- my husband, bestfriend and my family. Funny part is, I haven’t even spent an entire day having chika with this human being to say such nasty words.

Oh dear, one of my special skills in work and life is, when I am meeting someone or whatever- you’ll be surprised that there are a lot of things that I know about you before hand. I am wired that way, interested or not. I have ways getting information and it never fails. Just like what happened this week, I discovered every word that said. It was dated before the summer begins, Yet, I kept my cool and reminded my self… I am not like you.

Moving on, thank God there’s gym and mid-year sale to make me happy 🙂 I love the fact that I am not depending on my husband in terms of my shopping spree. My grand dad taught me really well about it. I will never ever forget it, I pay my bills, everything that I need and share equal responsibilities with my husband. I am super protective with our relationship and to him. ANYWAY, I am becoming cheesy 🙂

La Senza crazy sale 🙂

I went to Trinoma around 10 a.m., I know right? So early, just to buy some brow pencils in Beauty Bar. It end up, hoarding lingerie and sleep wear in La Senza, my gawd… from 1,300++ to Php600.++ who will not say no to that for a sleepwear?! besides I love La Senza to bits. You can even buy a bra worth 500++, ahhh I just bought everything I want and said good bye with a happy face. Although I wasn’t able to buy the billion dollar brow set and some make-up tools because I spent it on my lingerie shopping… will just have to do that some other time 🙂 It’s not that expensive so nothing to worry.

Then followed by a posh lunch with my male best friend named Amiel and a window-book-shopping at powerbooks for 30 minutes then off to gym for a quick work out because I don’t feel like it.

Orly: Lift the Vail

Also, this is my 4th bottle of Orly’s Lift the Veil. It’s my favorite colour and makes me feel good. It is just that my hands are &*&^% due to manual laundry. I wash y husband’s shirt manually because it has a delicate fabric so as my other clothes. Oh dear, wish there’s a laundry powder that makes your hands oh-so-soft.

That’s all for now 🙂 If you are a La Senza addict, this is the time to hoard items. No regrets!


3 thoughts on “Sadness and La Senza Sale

  1. Thank you Iya, this human being is the first ever froglet that made me feel this way because ang taas ng tingin ko sa kanya eh, there is so much respect I have for this human being… pero mabuti na at nalaman ko ito kesa naman mukha akong tanga divah? I just have to vent. sarap ng hugs! hehehe

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