Acne Treatment- Proactiv

Hi everyone!

Today, I will discuss to you one of my personal weapon in fighting acne! It’s both a blessing and a curse to have an oily skin combined with acne and that really sounds “gross” but true. I have tried a lot of products and of ’em is Proactiv Acne Treatment which is now much faster and gentler and would you believe that Katy Perry is also uses the same product?! you better now 🙂

Forever flawless Katy Perry

I am a fan of hers and always curious about the beauty products that she is using and endorsing as well. Katy Perry is an international music artist who also joined fellow Hollywood Celebrities like Mandy Moore, Avril Lavigne and the pop heart throb (one of my celebrity crush) Justin Bieber, as the New Face of Proactiv!

Being in the music industry, she has also experienced getting acne from stress and lack of sleep when she started doing world tours and road shows and her confidence really went down. Then Katy Perry used the New Proactiv with micro crystal benzoyl peroxide to fight back acne.

After trying every procedure, facial treatment and product I could find, I finally decided to try Proactiv. I mean, I had nothing to lose except my acne, and I was definitely okay with losing that! Since then, I’ve seen massive changes in my face and my confidence. All of my big, kind of stick-out bumps went flat, my blemishes progressively got smaller and smaller, and even some of my scarring started going away. I was like, wait, what is the magic in these little bottles? I’m a personwho gives hugs, not handshakes. I like contact with people. Proactiv is now my simple, easy way to make sure that acne doesn’t geting the way of me having fun and living life to the fullest.” – Katy

The New Proactiv is designed to work faster and gentler. It contains micro benzoyl peroxide that is absorbed quickly (even to clogged pores) to kill the causing bacteria so this will yield satisfying results even faster. . In
addition, the risk of allergic reaction is reduced. So with continued use of the new Proactiv, customers will notice the effect is faster acting and much milder.

Where to buy:

The New Proactiv is exclusively available in all Watsons Stores and SM Department stores nationwide.

and since I love SMURFS!

I am inviting you to avail the latest promo of the New Proactiv  “Buy Proactiv and Get to Watch the Smurfs (featuring Katy Perry) for Free.

Movie feat Katy Perry from July 20-August 10, 2011 in the following stores:

SM Department Store Megamall
SM Department Store Makati
SM Department Store North Edsa
Watsons Megamall (Second Floor)
Watsons Mall of Asia (Ground Floor near Starbucks)

In getting the FREE Movie Card, customers just need to purchase any
Proactiv Kit in the mentioned stores and approached the official
Proactiv Promodiser assigned in the participating outlets to redeem
their free item. But everyone should hurry because this promo is only
valid for the first 18 buyers of Proactiv.



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