National Bookstore “Baby”

I grew up with the loving arms of National Bookstore before Fully Booked and Power Books came into the picture. Now, I love ’em all! but usually be found browsing books and magazines at Fully Booked and Power Books 🙂

What I love about National Bookstore, it brings a lot of good memories I had with my grandfather, Atty. Gil Obsequio. I have the best Sunday’s in my childhood and National Bookstore has witnessed it.

I love buying school supplies regardless I need it or not, just because I love to know I have lots of school supplies 🙂 you know?!

Since then, I enjoy buying stuff at National Bookstore and I am 26 y/o but now only the one I need most but I want it cute 🙂

There are lot of variations right now in school supplies, like color and designs!

I am just amazed like the colored led that mechanical pencil has, and now I don’t know if I am so- late, I discovered colored staple wires!

Blue Staple Wires!


I bought some supplies at home since I have sidelines while enjoying the perks of being a full time housewife 🙂 I love the fact that I feel happy with little things like these! ❤ That’s all!

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