Review: Styli-Style eyeliner

The search for eyeliner that really blends so right for me without having raccoon eyes after an hour or two… still goes on!

I want really want to learn how to “tight line” I love to sport that look. It is so sophisticated unfortunately every time I try, I end up like a cheap wasted rock star if not a cute raccoon!

Styli-Style Line & Blend in 802 Noir

I bought this for Php 200.++ I forgot the exact price, but definitely will not make my wallet cry just in case I need to toss it. it did not make me look like a raccoon in an hour or two, but after 5 hours I guess 🙂

I used this when i went to Congress for a meeting, I asked my friend if I still look okay and he said… I am used to it! Blah… then I failed.

I tried to applied it on my brows and it blends perfectly so, I decided to keep it.

This was recommended by a trusted online friend Imee Li. I love her to bits!

That’s all ❤


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