Cooking Diva

Hi everyone!

It’s been a long time since I cook for someone, everyday of my life. I used to cook for my lolo daddy, but when he passed away in 2005, just like the love I have in painting… I lost my interest in cooking.

I kept my self busy in other things where I can’t be reminded with good times with my dad back then, since it’s a tear jerker! He just loves everything I cook for him and that is more than enough.

After years passed by, I got busy with 9-5 job and really lost in touch with the kitchen. I woke up around 5:00 a.m. and need to leave the house exactly 6 a.m. for work. As much as I want to cook for dinner, I normally arrived at home around 9 p.m. latest was 12 midnight and lucky if I reached home around 8 p.m. and that’s the earlier.

Even I wanted to cook for my husband, he is so hungry and can’t wait any longer, during that time we don’t know yet how we will balance our time as a new married couple.

Right now, as we work out our schedule together and currently enjoying my time serving him while I am waiting for my next adventure, this time I know what to do to balance everything so as he and I am glad we are supporting each other.

Moving on, I am learning to cook different recipes and currently perfect doing the following:


This is a no-brainer dish 🙂 I can flip this if I want to! I just don’t add egg because we both find it eww. I just add Magic Milk and ta-dah 🙂 top with Imperial butter and syrup. We have this every morning and if we are tired eating my own version of scramble eggs which I want to brag the best in the world combined with any of these: chickendog, bacon, ham, crispy burger patties, corn beef, corned tuna with chili powder or plain tuna and any thing we want to eat. It really depends! but if he doesn’t have time to eat and really in a hurry, I just eat corn flakes or oatmeal. Breakfast and Dinner is our favorite meal-bonding!

Chicken Adobo

I swear, this is my first time to cook Chicken Adobo because this is one of his favorite. He also requested me to cook for Sinigang which is kinda in a backseat since I hate Sinigang na pork since birth 🙂 anyway, this Chicken Adobo is not that hard to cook tho’ thank to youtube tutorials! I am learning.

Fried Chicken

I guess, we Filipinos love Chicken and yes we are madly addicted to Chicken, if there’s only a cook book all about Chicken recipe! *shrug* will certainly buy it 🙂

My husband (I love saying that- “my husband”) also loves fried chicken but doesn’t eat KFC! weird. He say it makes him break out *boo* well, me too! hehe but that won’t stop me eating KFC!!!

If you’ll ask me the secret recipe to this one: CRISPY FRY

Let’s make life easier, besides he loves it 🙂 if there’s much better than crispy fry breading, please let me know!

Someday, I will cook kare-kare and dinuguan which he loves! but for now… lets make life easier hahaha!!!!!


I love to cook again and my day will not be complete without cooking for my husband 🙂 I will do this forever!

Happy Weekend!


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