Labs and theme song

Hi everyone,

For sure kayong mga lovers diyan ay may tawagan! at theme song eklavoo 🙂 KAMI MERON!!!!

This is the keso, perhaps pinaka jologs category of my blog 🙂 as mentioned in my first entry about the man I love, a.k.a as Labs and Baby…

I would like to discuss where our endearment “LABS” came from:


Oo na, adik lang 🙂 They are on of the influential tandem during the 90’s and yes, I love 90’s damang dama ko ang panahon na ito, samahan ng street boys aring-king-king at roller boys with Patrick Garcia na una kong naging celebrity crush. Naman!

Siympre, 1997 kami nag simula… gusto ko may tawagan din kami ni ronald ko, kaya naging “LABS” ang resulta- ka-adikan- kay jolens and marvin! Pero, sympre… lumipas ang panahon… naging sosyal ng konti, Baby na. “Be” pag sinumpong ng ka-jolog-an hehe. Pero pag mag kagalit, we call each other by first name he he he or simply tamang business meeting or socializing that we can’t express our sweetness.

Theme Song

Peachy and Wax

Sino ba naman makaka limot sa TGIS? juice ko… iniyakan ko ito at inabangan-abangan 🙂 at syempre isa sila sa mga kilalang love team during the 90’s not to to forget their theme song: “You should know by now” by Angela Bofill

If you want to make me feel *emo* at trip mo ako paiyakin in a good way, play this. I swear, even in karaoke bars… I can’t sing this without getting cheesy, even in our home. Masyado lang talaga ako in love sa aking asawa na hindi ko kayang o.a. na mag break kami, which never happened. Our only “break time” was when he had vacation twice at the U.S. for 6 months, para di masayang ang multiple entry niy. Pero official break up or cool off, like:

1) Wag tayong mag tawagan in 2-3 days (ANO YUN FASTING?!)

2) Wag tayo magkita for 1 week and or a month, I just need time. (END OF THE WORLD)

I swear, even you ask him he doesn’t have an answer to that because we never did. We are not perfect couple but thank God di ko na-experience na mag break kami ng bongang bonga or even na feel— iiwan na kita. Praise God!

We may have shortcomings, some world war scenes pero I am happy because in the end of the day we just can’t live without each other.

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