My Style and Fashion Icons

Hi everyone!

My Style section is a compilation of pretty little  things that I adore, from bags, shoes and clothing. I am not really addicted to buying a lot of these things as much as I do in beauty products but I love investing for classic materials for my wardrobe that has a great quality and hopefully I can pass to my future kids or grand children!

My own style often teams vintage finds with new designer pieces. I go for something really simple or shape that has been around for ages and is timeless. I adore French 17th- century Aristocracy to Hitchcock films which ironically these are the styles that really don’t date as they’ve been around and loved for so long that they are now bona fide classics.  I love minimalistic approach as much as possible and when I tried to get a little funky, I go for color blocking… that is something adventurous for me and that is only during ‘ber holidays and summer.

Here’s a glimpse of my personal style:

Interviewing Matteo Pellegrini, President of Asia Region, Philip Morris International.

The classic LBD (little black dress) style top with white Bolero, I love LBD! very simple and elegant. and oh by the way! the dominant color inside my closet is black 🙂

Different LBD style 🙂

L-R Atty. Mario Zinampan, Hon. Imelda Marcos, Sofie and Atty. Noel De Luna

I love that dress with purple accent, I use this for corporate events and casual gathering.

with office mate, Atty. Wyanet Zaragoza- BFF of Divine Lee 🙂 I love wyanet, because she's very simple and love her style!

Same style of dress as above but different on top 🙂 Once, I love something… I love to have it in different colors!

A sample of colorful clothing 🙂

I love fun colors but only during holiday’s, happy days,  and getaway and oh, I wear pink PJs 🙂

As for Jewelry:

In normal days, I just wear pearl earrings and my wedding ring.

I love White Gold, Turquoise accent, Diamond,White Pearls and a little Gold because I feel old with lots of it 🙂 plus my wedding ring and engagement ring if I want to go overload.

I don’t like piling up, just few will do to complete my wardrobe. I rarely wear a “watch” because it can’t stop me looking for the time and it makes me uncomfortable, its a habit. Plus, I hate hearing “tick-tock”, I rather look on my blackberry.

As for Shoes:

I love high heels! forever, but I must confess I use flats when it calls for a long walk like shopping. The dominant color of my shoe collection is nude/beige, it compliments my skin and makes my legs look longer.

As for Bags:

Now I am blinded by this! I am addicted to signature bags for I don’t know why. It makes me feel secure and pretty! So, I can’t describe what I look for bags, quality and name! O_o

There you go, a glimpse of my personal style.

My Peg:

My muse-for-all-seasons: Audrey Hepburn

Grace Kelly

Jackie O

Queen Rania of Jordan

My  inspiration comes from fashion Icons mentioned above and I love reading  every thing about them, its interesting and empowering especially my Idol, Queen Rania of Jordan, wish I can meet her personally Le Sigh*.

I am so hooked on classics!


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