Felix @ Greenbelt 5

One of my favorite restaurant at Greenbelt 5 is Felix 🙂 As always, I tremendously enjoy eating there because of the ambiance and amazing knowledgeable and accommodating waiters.


Collection of Wines

I am not really a wine fan but occasionally, I opt for chilled red wine 🙂

For starters, they will serve bread *free* (which reminded me the softness of KFC buns! 🙂 yum yum much softer), butter and the magical bread dip!  Then followed by pumpkin soup with sprinkle of carrots and chestnuts, Fuyubare (Php 165.00) I feel so full already but the Entree is much exciting, my favorite:

Lobster and Steak

This is so overload, no need to have rice! as you can see, there’s pasta… oh dear so divine. I finished the whole plate, I have to! aside from the yummy taste… its pricey too, but worth it 🙂 If I’m not mistaken… it cost me Php 1000++ for this single plate. Don’t worry it’s not the most expensive one, there’s a dish called Kenta the Wagyu Gold Rib Eye that cost Php 2,500.00! a single plate that can go so far at Sofitel’s Buffet at the Spiral (except Holidays, much pricey!) but then again, Edsa Shangri-la’s Buffet at The Heat that cost Php 1,000.++ in regular days. Holy cow, I sounded a Buffet eater! Yay *guilty* only at Sofitel and Shangri-la. Sarap e 🙂

Will, I recommend Felix? yes, to those who love quiet, relaxing restaurant 🙂


Level 1 Greenbelt 5, Ayala Avenue, Makati City

729-9062 or 496-0725.

Operating Hours:

11am – 12 midnight (Sunday to Thursday)

11am – 1am (Friday and Saturday)

Wheelchair accessible.

Major credit cards accepted.


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