SHINE: Ms. Wenchie Flores-Sabban

"Only a life lived for others, is a life worthwhile."

I met Wenchie during the 2010 presidential campaign of Senator Manny Villar, I asked her how old is she? and she asked me to guess? I said 29?! then she giggled… since then we became friends and I discovered she’s in fab 40′s.

She’s one of the people who has a golden heart that really helps other to excel and I am a living proof of that generosity.

Wenchie is a Mass Communication graduate and finished Bachelor of Laws. She is currently the Chief of Staff to one legislator and a consultant to four representatives and has worked at Senate of the Philippines for 12 years and served 8 Senators!

Aside from that, she also writes political commentaries at As hardcore as it gets in the political world, she’s also fond of concerts that drew her attention to produced concerts and movie premiers as well. Also a volunteer to the Hydrocephalus Foundation of the Philippines (pro-bono web writer) and help in raising funds for the unfortunate sick
kids. That’s her favorite charity group, she said.

I asked her why she chose the world of politics as it was also my first love, “I’ve been in politics since I was in grade school, going around places to campaign for my Dad’s friends. During my teenage years, I have been a KB Chairperson in Manila for 2 terms.” Wenchie said.

I truly admire her because of her burning passion in everything she does, be at work, family or charity undertakings.

She shyly shares below the products she uses.



I start my day with a healthy breakfast with my family and not to forget my daily Vitamins 🙂

Hair Products

I love our local hair products such as Pantene shampoo, Pantene and Cream Silk conditioner, sounds like cliche but it really makes my hair shiny and smooth 🙂


When my skin feels dry I opt for Victoria Secret’s Lotion in Endless Love, it smells romantic and it really hydrates, good job!

For face

For my face, I use Clinique to exfoliate and Human Nature sunflower oil for my feet, elbows and knees.


For my every day look, I love using: Revlon Color stay pressed powder, Lancome and CD eye shadow kit, VMV matte lipstick, Elianto concealer, Organic Wear bronzer & highlighter and Victoria’s secret lip gloss for that kissable lips 🙂

Secret to sexy lips

I discovered this plump potion and I am so impressed with it! It really makes my lips look fuller, fabulous product. Secret weapon, indeed.Wanna look like Angelina, try this out ha ha ha!

Shimmer body spray, Victoria's Secret

I use this product occasionally, it makes your skin more glowy not only for the summer but also in special events that calls for more glamorous skin 🙂 It really blends good in the skin. A must have in vanity kit.

All That Jazz!

I believe in taking good care of ourselves, I think everyone should be 🙂


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