Flirty Lashes

Hi everyone!

One of the natural beauty weapons of a woman is her eye lashes and not everyone is blessed with thick and long lashes like me. As they say, long lashes makes our eyes looks bigger and attractive especially with added mascara 🙂

I always love having flirty eyes and god knows how many mascara’s and other eyelashes products I tried just to make my eyelashes grow thicker and longer… I just gave up and bought few fake eyelashes at the Face Shop which only cost me Php 115.00 each with different styles. It’s a steal 🙂 it also comes with glue, so no need to buy separately.

SMISE! (smile with your eyes 🙂 )

In picture above, I’m using false lashes 🙂 It looks natural in personal and doesn’t feel  heavy. False lashes are made of Synthetic single fiber polyester thread-like materials or natural hair which I think is much expensive and haven’t tried it yet, but the thought of it scares me tho’

How to apply false eyelashes

1)     Most lashes are wider than your eyes, so make sure to trim the lash from the sides one hair at a time to make it more natural.

2)      Apply the glue along the base of lashes using a stick or make-up brush.

3)     Pick up the lash by using a tweezers or simply using your clean fingers and bring it as close to your lash line as possible.

4)      Slightly press the false lashes from end to end using a make up brush or your finger to make sure it doesn’t slip.

5)       Apply Mascara to bond the false eyelashes with the natural ones to give more natural look.

6)      Lastly, apply liquid eyeliner to fill any gap between false lashes and natural ones. ( I love using E.L.F. liquid eyeliner)

I highly recommend The Face Shop False Eyelashes available in Trinoma, SM North etc.

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to locate the store nearest you 🙂