Shoes 101: to find shoes easily!

Hi everyone!

I always believe in the saying that “Beautiful Shoes will take you to beautiful places” as heard in one of my favorites: Meteor Garden. Since then, I only invest with good pairs. I don’t just buy shoes or anything (except for beauty products) to see them piling up and rot. I always go for the quality, style and compliments my skin! that’ why I make sure that every thing that I have is well kept. Every week, I check my things to make sure its free from dust.

My husband and I shares a life size shoe rack and organized according to his and hers to make life easier 🙂 but mine was a bit detailed.

Shoe box with picture!

I must admit, I don’t memorize all the shoes I have!  some of ’em have came from the same store which means, similar boxes. It always gives me a hard time to find the one that I like to use and it takes time to find it, since I have look what’s inside the box and after that my mood is ruined. So, I took time to take photos of my shoes and attached it on the box where I can easily see it.

I just need to see the style and color of the shoes I want to use and that’s it *hassle-free*. I am a self-confessed high heels lover and got few flats when my feet needs rest 🙂 Anyway, it take me a while to finish organizing our shoe rack. I suggested to husband that I’ll do the same in his shoe collection but he refused since he loves looking around *le sigh. Things is much easier this way, sofie’e way 😀


I love organized things, even our closet has the same color of hangers (Black) and clothes are folded according to color and all pantay-pantay!


2 thoughts on “Shoes 101: to find shoes easily!

  1. This is my favorite post ever!!!
    Now I am thinking, bakit di ko ito ginagawa sa buhay ko! Isa ako sa mga taong katerba ang sapatos and it’s so hard to arrange it, lalo na when I moved out sa house namin nila mommy, ay hirap, parehas pa naman kami ni kaiser na shoe whores!

    I love the quote! I have a confession, “I thought ako lang ang nakakaalam ng saying na yun!!!” —- sa Hana Yori Dango ko naman sya napanood (j-drama ng meteor garden)… hahaha!!! I love u sofie for posting this….

  2. @Janis – Thank you janis 🙂 it always makes me smile whenever someone appreciate my random blog entries hehe… it might take time to do this, pero worth it janis! especially when you have a lot of shoes at nasa box lang. Do it little by little, its amazing. Pa develop mo na lang yung pics, baka ma surprise ka pa pag inayos mo, na you have this pair pala.. you know? hehehe

    Naku, since narinig ko yun sa meteor garden, tumatak na siya sa puso at isipan ko. Kaya naniniwala rin ako sa kasabihan na yun hehehe! I love you too janis since multiply days pa haha LOL

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