One Day

A poem I wrote way back, June 09, 2008.




One day, I saw a dazzling light Shining down on me

It was astonishing but I can’t remember exactly what it looks like

The next thing I knew, I am seeing color of flesh

A color of flesh that I will never forget until the final day of my life;

Because those are the colors of the one who loves me most

on my first day on earth…

My Parents.

One day, I saw little things with charming colors;

It was amusing and makes my time fly…

My toys.

One day I saw a bright smile and someone asked my name;

We exchanged laughter and shared colorful fantasies…

She became a friend.

My Friend.

One day, I saw a beautiful colored board

Where I learned how to use all the letters that I am using right now;

It was my first day at School.

One day, I saw the town painted in Red;

It was full of hearts and the feeling is great

Where all I can see is exquisiteness in world that surrounds me;

I am in love.

And then

One day, I reflected 23 years of my life…

I have not yet seen all the colors and patiently waiting for what colors

Of life awaits me.

But I am afraid that…

One day, I will see nothing but life has fade away

And colors are no longer there…


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