Universal Studios Singapore (USS)



Walk of fame: Audrey Hepburn


Best friend and I ❀


Jumpshot with Alconcel family


help? :">



USS will not be complete without "me" experiencing Battelstar Galactica



with girl friends! L-R Leona, Moi and Mylene





Thank you Lord so much for the wonderful blessings in life ❀ I really enjoyed Universal Studios Singapore! Fun rides, delicious burger, breathtaking ambiance, cool mascots, cheerful friends,Madagascar dance! Totally kid at heart πŸ™‚


Carpe Diem!


Singapore Day 1

My travel pals "Alconcel Family"

This is my first time to travel internationally from my hard earned money and with my bestfriend,Β  Mylene who also treat me for fun rides ❀ and the very hospitable Leona Jane πŸ™‚

I stayed for (3) days while her family stayed for a week to catch the Formula 1 event… As soon as we landed, we met our friend Leona and braved the streets of Orchard right away! due to its popularity as the shopping mecca of the tourists.

Lavender MRT Station

I am so jealous how clean and organized the country of Singapore!less hassle and bustle, even no heavy traffic. The train stations are unbelievably neat and fast, even the escalator is even fast compare to what we have here and you must always stay at the left side unless you want to overtake.

Inside the train

The Ion Orchard Mall

Pagbaba pa lang ng station, mall agad.. no checking of bags!

Amazing ceiling at Ion Orchard Mall πŸ™‚


my favorite lingeri shop, as of we don't have it here LOL

One of my fave characters! Paul Frank πŸ™‚

I finally see the mall itself and ready to experience Sephora!!! its my main target during my visit πŸ™‚ and met with my LJ friend for years, Vivian Lee of E Channel, Singapore. (She also appeared in my Shine category)

Dream come true!

I have little dreams in life, to have a career and be an executive for young age which I gladly did.. to be a wife and mother (soon)Β  and to travel beauty stores all over the world possibly. When I saw Sephora, I almost died and gone to heaven πŸ™‚

I made a rule that I will not buy stuff that is available in our country (Philippines) so, I opted to buy Sephora brand (will blog about it)

L-R Mylene, Vivian Lee, Sofie, Leona and baby Travis

Vivian Lee used her Sephora card on my purchase so I can get 20% off in each stuff!!! drooling πŸ™‚ I had so much fun here and its a fleeting moment.

The F1 store

The other side from Ion Orchard, TANGS


SG mall, version of GH! πŸ™‚


I took lots of pictures and I guess that is mostly the highlights of Day 1 plus food porn in next post πŸ™‚ I am also amazed that SG MRT station has a lot of flat screen TV’s that shows ads, information and serves as surveillance too, why LRT & MRT can’t have that? plus the glass harang to avoid suicide in my opinion? and make it 3 to 5 minutes faster in ever stop? LOL

Reminiscing the happiest day

Hi everyone! it’s already week end and I am having happy thoughts reminiscing the happiest day of my life πŸ™‚













MUA: Kris Bacani


The lucky man ❀


Having his "moment"


with my grandmother πŸ™‚


In a few months from now, we are about to celebrate our first year anniversary as husband and wife… that will makes us 14 years now as boyfriend and girlfriend. Thank you God ❀

Sometimes couples forget that marriage is meant to be enjoyed. We are not each others obstacle- we’re meant to be each others strength β™‘


Hi everyone!

Did you watched Miss Universe 2011 yesterday? I did. It was a great show and congratulations to our very own Shamcey Supsup (3rd runner up) Iba talaga ang gandang Pinay πŸ™‚ I am so proud. She is so pretty and I love the way she walks! plus the fact she really wants to pursue the world of Architecture, tama para maiba naman, mag model ka na lang kesa sa full time celebrity like others.

I also heard that Donald Trump as one of the Executive producer of the pageant is planning to have business here? how true is that? if so, I can finally meet my idol in person none other than Ivanka Trump LOL I love her!

Anyway, I will be watching my husband later at San Sebastian College for a special basketball game. As always, I am so excited as I am his number 1 fan πŸ™‚ gawd, I love basketball. I fell in love with for the first time I saw him playing some ball, yeah that’s how I first met him… I almost died and gone to heaven *le sigh*

Okay, snap it πŸ™‚ I opted to have nude color for my nails this week. I always love this color not only for nail polish but in clothing, bags and especially shoes. It really compliments my skin and looks elegant. This color is actually “safe” and you can never go wrong! There are few shades of it, you just need to find yours. Mine is usually beige πŸ™‚

That’s all, remember some are really into details… don’t forget your nails!

BNC is available in Trinoma, 2nd level and Robinsons Ermita.

Php 80.00 per bottle

Happy Lemon

Milk Tea with pearls

Hi everyone!

I like Lipton’s milk tea and toast box edition. Since, Happy Lemon is kinda popular nowadays and I think I’m kinda late… I might as well join the gang πŸ™‚

My take: (Milk Tea with black pearls)Β  honestly, I think I need to try more of their bubble tea that will make me go back again and again. It is just too plain for my taste buds, nothing special πŸ™‚


Happy Lemon

G/F The Promenade, Greenhills Shopping Center

San Juan, Metro Manila.

Epic Series

Hi everyone!

I just want to share that I am so addicted watching:


I swear, its addicting! very interesting story and talk about nudity! goodness, I guess the newest trend in HBO series… pero kahit daming pang R18 na scenes, maloloka ka talaga sa story lalo na type ko yung mga ganyang setting, mala- Medieval times, parang ganon. I watched Game of Thrones Season 1, twice na sa kaadikan. Kakainis kasi, 2012 pa (if I’m not mistaken) ang Season 2. Boo hoo 😦 ayoko naman mag basa ng book, Seven na daw itech! yay. Mas gusto ko manuod!

Speaking of Nudity and Brutality, may isa pa:


The story isΒ  kinda slow, siguro para humaba lang compare to Game of Thrones but if you like gladiator kind of story, this one is worth watching… OKAY much more sex here. Whatever! πŸ˜€ Natapos ko na ito and the prequel.

Now I am just waiting for the Season 2 of each addicting new epic series!

Meet my friend, Christian Amiel

Christian Amiel Tira

Hi everyone!

I just like you to meet one of my best friends! call him, Christian… as I like to call him Amiel πŸ™‚ Super dupper baet!

MaybeΒ  he will kill me once he knew I am writing about him. the thought of him makes me smile in a jiffy! If I am real queen, he is my Jester (clown). I don’t know, he is a Natural! We’ve been friends since first year high school. When someone bullies him aside from me– I don’t think twice confronting whoever messes up with him. He is like a little brother to me and I know, I am the only one crazy girl friend he has! why?

1) I only give him 30 minutes tops to get ready when I need him to accompany me

2) When I am in their house, there must be COKE, RC or whatever SODA

3) Saying “NO” to me, means death to him

4) I nag much more than his own mother because I know he NEEDS IT and I never fail.. it’s for the best!

I am just amazed with his patience for me, as well as with my other best friends! (Mylene Sarah and Ealona Azalea) they are with me through ups and downs! Anyway, I am just happy that nobody in my friends attempted to say NO to me. They are the sweetest ever. period.

Balik tayo kay Amiel, I am just happy that God gave me someone like him.

He hates my blackberry!

When we were still neighbors, we used to watch DVDs until the sun say hello… we really had a lot of fun times together especially when he tries to swag his “stock knowledge” just, debatable.

Perhaps, sometimes I can be irritating to him because I push him too- hard when it comes to his career! Wow, I can be a life coach LOL. If I am not mistaken all his career adventures was all because of me. Naniniwala ako na dapat encourage natin yung tao na may kakayahan to do something for greater good. Amiel, might be a little pessimist but thank God, sobrang umaapaw ang positive vibes ko.Β  I am happy when my I see my friends having a good life and having the best in every thing πŸ™‚

For my dear friends, you know I won’t think twice giving a hand πŸ™‚ Hay, mamimiss ko itong si Amiel pag alis niya sa ating bansa!