It’s random

Hi everyone!

Teach me how to Dougie

Perhaps you already heard this or as seen in celebrities who perform this awkwardly but funny. Another “pambansang sayaw” again, like apple bottom jeans… or soldier boy! I must admit, quiet annoying and fun at the same time. So, teach me how to Dougie? 😀

It’s Ber months again! my favorite months in a year. I just love the thought of Christmas and other holidays that comes with ber months, not to to forget my birthday and wedding anniversary which is first in 2011. Yay! officially we are now 14 years together! kaya hindi ko ma gets yung isang tao na may ka-tismisan diyan, who judged me as a wife or how we roll together, bias naman 🙂 lalo na yung hindi namin nakakasama even for a day and talks too much! juice ko. Dear, 14 years is not as easy. It takes two to tango! Perhaps lets have some coffee and I’ll teach how to dougie  🙂 Anyway, every time I go shopping…


I always crave for DQ! its undeniably delicious and affordable compare to haagen daz. I love how creamy it is 🙂 it makes me feel much elated upon doing window shopping. Also a good distraction to stop me entering each store that will make me buy something 🙂 Its human nature, sometimes we buy small things, unwanted ones that we think we need! pile them all and you total the sum of everything… you’ll be surprised baka pwede mo ng ipambili ng bagong DVD player or something. Practice not to buy useless objects, kahit cute pa ito. Sabayan mo ako!

Moving on, I watched 3 movies in one day! (bummer)

Friends with Benefits

This is the first time I like Justin Timberlake in a movie and seen Mila Kunis. It’s a light movie that will tickle or funny bones and kiligness na rin. Pass muna ako sa heavy drama 🙂

Another funny movie and Justin Timberlake is also starring here, wow talk about “ex” and dry sex, natawa lang talaga ako. Plus what drives Cameron to be a better teacher is hilarious!

Love, Wedding, Marriage

This is quiet “Mandy Moore” style if you watched her movies. It’s not 100% comedy but will make you feel good too 🙂 happy ending!

I’ve been enjoying the 50’s wifey drama as of the moment, 5 months to be exact up to present,  nothing but him 🙂 I am glad I made a decision just to focus in our first year of marriage. To observe everything and what’s the real deal now that we are married. Our next goal as husband and wife is to buy or find our very own love nest in a future once we are done saving.


I have a little secret with God and I thank Facebook (inbox)  because I know who is not worth my trust.


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