Meet my friend, Christian Amiel

Christian Amiel Tira

Hi everyone!

I just like you to meet one of my best friends! call him, Christian… as I like to call him Amiel 🙂 Super dupper baet!

Maybe  he will kill me once he knew I am writing about him. the thought of him makes me smile in a jiffy! If I am real queen, he is my Jester (clown). I don’t know, he is a Natural! We’ve been friends since first year high school. When someone bullies him aside from me– I don’t think twice confronting whoever messes up with him. He is like a little brother to me and I know, I am the only one crazy girl friend he has! why?

1) I only give him 30 minutes tops to get ready when I need him to accompany me

2) When I am in their house, there must be COKE, RC or whatever SODA

3) Saying “NO” to me, means death to him

4) I nag much more than his own mother because I know he NEEDS IT and I never fail.. it’s for the best!

I am just amazed with his patience for me, as well as with my other best friends! (Mylene Sarah and Ealona Azalea) they are with me through ups and downs! Anyway, I am just happy that nobody in my friends attempted to say NO to me. They are the sweetest ever. period.

Balik tayo kay Amiel, I am just happy that God gave me someone like him.

He hates my blackberry!

When we were still neighbors, we used to watch DVDs until the sun say hello… we really had a lot of fun times together especially when he tries to swag his “stock knowledge” just, debatable.

Perhaps, sometimes I can be irritating to him because I push him too- hard when it comes to his career! Wow, I can be a life coach LOL. If I am not mistaken all his career adventures was all because of me. Naniniwala ako na dapat encourage natin yung tao na may kakayahan to do something for greater good. Amiel, might be a little pessimist but thank God, sobrang umaapaw ang positive vibes ko.  I am happy when my I see my friends having a good life and having the best in every thing 🙂

For my dear friends, you know I won’t think twice giving a hand 🙂 Hay, mamimiss ko itong si Amiel pag alis niya sa ating bansa!

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